Heating system failure! Mobile heating unit serves as temporary heat supply solution

In the middle of the winter, the heating system of a residential building in the Berlin district of Tempelhof broke down. The responsible estate management BIM had to act quickly and find a transitional solution. This solution was provided by a mobile heating unit of the rental specialist Hotmobil which reliably ensured the supply with hot water during the repair work.

Fast action was required
The BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM) is responsible in the Land of Berlin for more than 5,000 state-owned real properties and therefore was the first point of contact for the sudden heating system failure in a residential building in Berlin-Tempelhof. It rapidly became clear that the repair work would take some time and that the responsible persons of the BIM had to look for a transitional solution for the heat supply. During an internet research, they found Hotmobil, the rental company for mobile energy centers. The inquiry reached the Hotmobil customer service the very next day. Together with the responsible customer service representative Alexander Wiesböck, the conditions were checked on site and an offer was submitted. Several things had to be taken into account: where is the best place to install the heating unit, how can the connection to the building be established, are suitable connections to the building available and are mobile ramps for the lines required on the sidewalk. ”A good planning and coordination in the forefront is very important in order to offer the optimum solution and to provide a trouble-free and quick operation", said Wiesböck about the action. 

Mobile heating unit is used for the heat supply
A short time thereafter, the Hotmobil service technicians from the Berlin branch delivered a mobile heating unit to the place of action and put it into service making sure that the residents had warm rooms and hot water. The 550 kW mobile heating unit was connected to the stationary heating circuit of the building via supply and return hoses. Since the hoses must be laid across the sidewalk, a mobile ramp must be installed. For this, a close cooperation with the civil engineering department in Berlin was required. The whole action was organized by the rental specialist Hotmobil. For the fuel supply, a mobile oil supply station was used which was connected to the heating oil tank in the basement of the building and which provided the mobile heating unit with heating oil during the entire rental period. Thanks to a double-walled protection of the line in the transition area with a stainless steel tube and a heating element, the flow velocity remained stable and a safe supply of the mobile heating unit with the required fuel could be guaranteed. A silencer fitted to the flue system of the mobile heating unit significantly reduced the noise emission for the local residents.

Digital remote monitoring provides safety
During the period of operation of nearly four weeks, the operating data of the mobile heating unit could be easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer and smartphone. This data includes parameters such as the boiler temperature, the water pressure, the heating circuit supply and return temperature and domestic hot water temperature. This makes it much easier for those responsible to monitor the system. Any faults could thus be detected and eliminated in a timely manner. All operational and safety-relevant system data will be logged over the entire service duration of the heating unit, thus ensuring even greater safety and transparency.

Satisfied customers and residents
”We are very satisfied with the good cooperation with the Hotmobil team. Everything run on-schedule and without problems so that the residents were not cold and did not have to do without a hot shower while the heating system was being repaired”, said the responsible persons at the BIM about the transitional solution.