Extensive renovation of the castle church in Bayreuth

Mobile heating units ensure pleasant working temperatures inside the church

The extensive renovation and redesign of the castle church in Bayreuth began in April 2018 and took almost exactly 12 months. To make sure that the work could be carried out on schedule, the service provider Hotmobil ensured that the building was heated during the cold season by its mobile heating units.

The last extensive renovation of the church took place almost 50 years ago, so that urgent action was needed in several areas. The roof and roof structure were damaged, there was rot damage and the electrical and heating systems had to be renewed. The renovation also included the redesign of the interior space of the church and of the ceiling paintings. The costs amounted to around 
2.4 million euros.

The overall project management for the renovation was carried out by the State Building Authority. Already at the planning stage, a construction heating system was planned for the castle church during the cold winter months in order to keep to the construction schedule and to ensure the necessary working temperature. For the concept development and needs analysis, the responsible architect Michael Fränkel from the architectural office PPlus in Bayreuth enlisted the support of Hotmobil. Together with the Hotmobil expert Jörg Heinl, the last technical details were clarified during a construction site inspection. A 150 kW mobile heating unit in a trailer was used. It was delivered, installed and commissioned by the Hotmobil service technicians at the end of October outside the castle church. Convenient operation of the unit was provided at standing height via a side panel. A fuel tank integrated in the mobile heating unit supplied the system with heating oil. The operating data of the unit could be easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer or smartphone during the entire rental period and operating time.  This data includes parameters such as the heating oil level in the tank, the boiler temperature, the water pressure, the heating circuit supply and return temperature and domestic hot water temperature. This made it much easier for those responsible to monitor the system. Any faults could thus be detected and eliminated in a timely manner.  All operational and safety-relevant system data was logged over the entire service duration of the heating unit, thus ensuring even greater safety and transparency.

Two mobile Hotair MLE fan heaters, with an output of 50 kW each, were installed distributed over the entire surface area inside the production hall. These fan heaters were connected to the heating unit via mobile connecting lines, and transported the heat into the hall via a closed water system. Mobile fan heaters from Hotmobil can easily be placed where the heat is needed thanks to integrated transport rollers and the stable transport frame. 

The responsible architect Michael Fränkel says: "I am thoroughly satisfied with the support from Hotmobil. From consulting, planning, concept and reliability to the price-to-performance ratio. The unit is stable and supplies the heat that we need for the renovation work."

With more than 1,600 mobile heating, cooling and steam rental units, Hotmobil is one of the leading suppliers in Germany. Thanks to nine company-owned branches in Germany and competent advisors who are available around the clock, Hotmobil, which was founded in 1994, is recognized as an extremely service-oriented and capable company.