Heating concept for mobile sports hall in Bremen

For some time now, there has been a shortage of indoor capacity for physical education at several schools in the west of Bremen. A reliable temporary solution has been created with the construction of a mobile interim sports hall. Pleasant temperatures are ensured thanks to a mobile heating system from the rental specialist Hotmobil. 

Temporary sports hall as a transitional solution
New halls are currently being built or existing ones renovated at some schools in the west of Bremen, which means that during this time there is a lack of space for physical education during this time. Against this background, the leaders of the Ministry of Education in the state of Bremen have organized a temporary solution with the construction of a mobile sports hall to prevent students from missing out on sports lessons at school.

Mobile sports hall is the solution
Following intensive discussions and research by the relevant bodies, the responsible parties decided to build a mobile sports hall that is to bridge the bottleneck for a planned period of two years. "Immobilien Bremen", a company in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, was commissioned with the planning and implementation of the project. "After the decision to build a temporary sports hall was made, we immediately started the necessary planning and preparatory work," reports the project manager responsible for the project at Immobilien Bremen. 

Calls for tender for a temporary heating concept
As part of a public tender, Hotmobil, a leading provider of mobile energy centers, applied for the contract to provide the heating for the temporary sports hall, which is to be built at the Sperberstrasse sports complex in the west of Bremen. Hildebrand Ahrens, sales representative at Hotmobil, worked in close cooperation with Immobilien Bremen to produce a concept for the heating of the premises and hot water supply to the sanitary rooms that is tailored precisely to the size and requirements of the hall. 

Tailor-made heating solution
A 700 kW heating unit was delivered, installed and commissioned outside the mobile sports hall by Hotmobil service technicians at the end of October 2020. The heating unit, which runs on liquefied gas, is supplied with the necessary fuel from an external tank with a capacity of 6.4 m³. Thanks to the reduced CO2 emissions, liquefied gas is much more environmentally friendly than heating oil. This aspect was of tremendous significance to the contracting authority when it awarded the contract. A silencer fitted to the flue system reduces the noise emission by about 30 percent. 
The operating data of the unit can be easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer or smartphone during the entire rental period and operating time. This data includes parameters such as the level of liquefied gas in the tank, the boiler temperature, the water pressure, the heating circuit supply, and the return temperature and domestic hot water temperature. This makes it much easier for those responsible to monitor the system. Any faults could thus be detected and eliminated in a timely manner. All operational and safety-relevant system data will be logged over the entire service duration of the heating unit, thus ensuring even greater safety and transparency.

Eight mobile Hotair MLE fan heaters, with an output of 50 kW each, were installed and distributed throughout the hall. These fan heaters were connected to the heating unit via mobile connecting lines, and transport the heat into the hall via a closed water system. Mobile fan heaters from Hotmobil can easily be placed where the heat is needed thanks to integrated transport rollers and the stable transport frame. 

Commissioned while still being constructed
The mobile heating unit and the associated components were delivered in October 2020 while construction was still underway, and used initially as construction heating so that the hall floor could be installed at the required ambient temperatures. 

The project manager at Immobilien Bremen said: "I am thoroughly satisfied with the support from Hotmobil. From consulting, planning, concept and reliability to the price-to-performance ratio. The system is running well, and reliably provides enough hot water in the showers and guarantees pleasant temperatures in the hall while it is being used for sports."