Hot water supply at major Events

The Hotmobil heating units known by the name of 'Eventmaster' have been playing an indispensable role in eps campsite sanitati on faciliti es for many years. They provide hot water at events like the three-day Southside Festival on the former military airbase near Tutt lingen. "These units have to be capable of withstanding a great deal of use. Quite apart from the large numbers of people, there is an element of vandalism that it is not possible to contain. Then add to that the fact that bad weather oft en gives rise, quite literally, to mud batt les. Under these conditi ons, it is absolutely essential to have showers that work properly, coupled with the delivery of sufficient volumes of hot water, wherepossible at a constant temperature", states Ben Gutt of eps. The fact that this is all far from self-evident is something Gutt knows only too well from his early days involved with SPLASH. In close collaboration with the technical specialists from Hotmobil, the function of these heating units was
optimized. This partnership-based development work has forged close ties between these two service providers. As a consequence, the powerful Hotmobil Eventmaster units have become an indispensable part of eps campsite sanitation facilities right across Europe.