Mobile building heating supports refurbishment of former GDR luxury lodgings

During the general refurbishment of the historic guesthouse of the Council of Ministers and Politburo of the GDR in Leipzig, a large contingent of mobile heating equipment ensures construction progress during the winter months.

Extensive renovation and expansion plans
The Leipzig-based Lewo AG group is investing 50 million euros in the refurbishment and expansion of the listed building complex in downtown Leipzig after 25 years of vacancy. Together with an annex, a total of 121 apartments and small apartments are being created, all of which have already been sold. "The first apartments should be ready for occupancy in 2022, and the project should be completed by 2023," said Stephan Praus, founder and CEO of Lewo AG, commenting on the major project. The LEWO group of companies was founded in 1995 and focuses on real estate development in Leipzig, Potsdam and Chemnitz.

Building heating ensures construction progress
A mobile heating concept will ensure comfortable working temperatures on the large construction site during the cold months in the fall/winter of 2021/22, thus ensuring that construction progresses according to plan and schedules are met. "As early as September, we looked into the possibilities for a building heating concept," reports Sebastian Ehlers, the responsible project manager at Lewo AG. "Here we received professional support from Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy centers." Together with Hotmobil customer consultant Alexander Wiesböck, a comprehensive building heating concept was planned and implemented.

Comprehensive building heating concept
Twenty mobile air heaters, each with an output of 20 kW, and a 50 kW fan heater are used on the large construction site in Leipzig's city center. The heat supply for this is provided by the local district heating network. It was necessary to lay a connecting pipeline with a length of one kilometer for the connection. In this way, when operating at full capacity the units can distribute the district heat evenly and undisturbed on the various floors. Two mobile, water-based air heaters are used on each of a total of five floors in two adjacent buildings. The 50 kW air heater additionally supplies a complete floor and ensures comfortable working and efficient drying temperatures. A mobile pump is used to transport the heat to the upper floors. So that the mobile air heaters do not interfere with the construction work, the specialists decided to mount them on the ceiling. The Hotmobil service technicians from the Leipzig branch and the LEWO-Bau staff work hand in hand at this location. Prepared risers with the necessary outlets for flow and return were provided by LEWO-Bau AG. This allowed Hotmobil service technicians to mount the warm air units to the ceiling and connect them over a short distance.