Mobile cooling for cold air and problem-free operation

Energy provider Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH covers the entire range of applications for mobile cooling provision with its range of mobile cooling unit products. In emergency cases and for scheduled conversion work, plant operators, specialist planners and facility managers can lease cooling units simply and easily: the energy service provider then connects up and commissions this system on location using its own technical staff.

Setting up a 'redundant' or backup system calls for duplication of cooling generating equipment and correspondingly high levels of investment in additional plant technology that only very seldom gets used. A flexible and more cost-effective alternative is to use transportable cold water kits or air-conditioning equipment when required. Mobile refrigeration plants and transportable air-conditioning devices to provide an ongoing air-conditioning service to buildings in the event of breakdown of refrigeration plants, the supply of refrigeration to bridge downtime in production or inventory facilities or to safeguard IT security. The range of mobile refrigeration plants extends from room air-conditioning units rated at 4 kW through to transportable large refrigeration generators with cooling power ratings of 1200 kW. The customer can obtain support with processing, service, logistics, connection and commissioning after receiving information from Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH - a truly one-stop shop - and one that only uses its own payroll technical staff.

In emergency situations involving refrigeration, speed is of the essence

Sensitive applications such as process refrigeration for production purposes, cooling for computer centres or air-conditioning for hospitals are all cases where no interruption in the supply of cooling can be tolerated. A failure of the cooling system used in an operating theatre can put lives at risk; substantial costs are incurred by production-related or operational failures. In the IT sector, digital company-specific processes, related logistics as well as data security are the high stakes involved in failure. Energy service provider Hotmobil can be on site when required to deliver mobile energy, e.g. in summer when the supply of refrigerant fails, wherever an absence of cooling jeopardizes safety or wherever the threat of operational downtime looms. Potential applications for mobile refrigeration and cooling can be found, in Hotmobil's view, in hospitals, in the IT sector for the cooling of computer centres and in industrial production facilities - all environments where the demand for operational security is high.


These mobile refrigeration systems are connected to the cold water system in a building by means of sturdy, flexible pressure hoses. The plants are ready for turnkey operation, supplied in framework structures or installed in containers, and can be transported to their intended destination rapidly. This range is supplemented by mobile ventilation systems with multi-stage feedback control and which direct cooled air into rooms without causing draughts, and virtually silently, doing so at performance ratings of 2300 to 20,000 m³/hr. Examples for the use of mobile refrigeration systems extend from the air-conditioning of offices or event venues with compact air-conditioning units to the cooling of production buildings with large cold water kits. For the cooling of IT server rooms, Hotmobil has developed the Coolair MLG 25 IT ventilation unit based on a down-flow design: this can be used to blow a current of air into a double floor. During the summer months, the company states that demand for its 'split' version of transportable room air-conditioning units is in great demand. These come with power ratings of 4 to 7 kW and are typically used to cool offices, production areas or event venues. The plants and their range of accessories can all be rented / leased or purchased.