Mobile cooling unit ensures quality in food production

The right temperatures play an important role in food processing. A mobile cooling unit supported Agrana, a leading global Austrian food and industrial goods group, in the production of foodstuffs at its Gmünd plant.

At its Gmünd site, Agrana produces starch products from corn, potatoes and wheat using modern and environmentally friendly methods of the highest level. The starch products produced there are needed for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries.

New manufacturing process under test
A newly developed processing method required additional cooling of a product tank. The solution came in an initial trial by using a mobile cooling unit from Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy centers. "Product cooling was required for a new production process. In order to ensure the necessary processing temperatures, we considered using a mobile cooling unit," reports Raphael Priesner, the responsible project manager at Agrana. 

Mobile chiller ensures reliability
The Hotmobil service technicians delivered the mobile chiller with a capacity of 150 kW to Agrana in Gmünd and put it into operation. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant design, outdoor installation was possible. The COOLUNIT chiller was connected to a heat exchanger provided by Agrana via connecting hoses. The low temperature desired required that the chiller be filled with glycol as coolant, which was also supplied by Hotmobil in a separate plastic tank. The test ran to the complete satisfaction of all involved and the desired reliability of the production process was achieved as a result.

Successful cooperation
"Even for me as an experienced rental refrigeration professional, this task was not an everyday occurrence and a particular challenge in its implementation. I am all the more pleased about the success of the project, which was only possible thanks to the excellent and committed cooperation of all those involved", concludes Werner Koudela, who is responsible for sales at Hotmobil Austria.