Mobile heating centers bridge interruption of district heating

Electricity and district heating for Münster come from Stadtwerke Münster's combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant located in the port. During the renewal of the main district heating pipeline connecting the power plant to the city grid, this pipeline had to be interrupted. The majority of customers in Münster are supplied via other heating plants in the city area. For some residents at the port, however, this was not possible. Here, a heating concept planned and prepared in advance by the rental specialist Hotmobil, the service provider for mobile heating solutions, took over the reliable bridging of the hot water supply.

The temporary interim solution came from the service provider Hotmobil, which can draw on a great deal of know-how and experience in this area. Together with the Hotmobil branch in Bochum, the field representative René Wagemann and the employees responsible for this measure at Stadtwerke Münster, an optimal mobile heating solution was worked out in good time in advance. The main focus was on the city harbor, which is popular with tourists and residents of Münster alike and has become a popular meeting place with cafés, restaurants and stores in recent years. In order to optimally supply all areas during the district heating interruption lasting several months, a mobile heating system in a trailer with a heating capacity of 950 kW was used here.

The service technicians of the Hotmobil branch in Bochum took care of the delivery, connection and commissioning of the mobile heating center. With flexible connection hoses, which are part of Hotmobil's standard scope of delivery, the connection between mobile energy generation and the stationary pipeline network could be established. The mobile heating center is equipped with a GSM fault indicator, so that in the event of any malfunctions, a message is immediately sent by SMS to the responsible service technician, enabling a rapid response time. A level gauge integrated in the tank monitors the supply of fuel to the mobile central heating unit and reports any necessary refilling in good time. The system is also equipped with a silencer that reduces operating noise, allowing it to run largely unnoticed by its surroundings. With this concept, the supply of heat and hot water to the buildings concerned ran smoothly and made for happy faces among all those involved in the project.