Mobile heating system provides comfortable water temperatures

Every year from May to September, bathers at Dornburg's open-air swimming pool enjoy the special pleasure of swimming in fresh and well-tempered spring water. Since 2012, a mobile heating unit from Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy units, has been ensuring pleasant water temperatures during the bathing season.

Every year at the beginning of May, the 900 square meter pool landscape is filled with fresh spring water. To ensure that swimming pool visitors don't have to worry about catching a cold even when temperatures are cooler, a central heating system ensures that the water temperature is constantly warm. It supports the solar collectors on the roof of the kiosk in heating the water. The mobile heating center supplies 350 kilowatts and is installed in a mobile trailer, which is placed inconspicuously and unnoticed by the bathers in the outdoor area of the outdoor pool.

The delivery and commissioning of the mobile heating station is carried out by Hotmobil service technicians from the Frankfurt branch. Responsible operator of the outdoor pool is Andreas Gravelius: "We are glad that we have found such a reliable partner in Hotmobil for several years now. The cooperation works smoothly and without complications." Andrea Friedrich, who is responsible for renting the heating system at the Dornburg municipality, agrees. This is also confirmed by the fact that the municipality of Dornburg has rented the heating system from Hotmobil for around four months during the bathing season for the seventh year in a row.