Mobile heating units to the rescue in five-star hotel

When the district heating line in Frankfurt Gravenbruch was interrupted unexpectedly, Hotmobil's heating units came to the rescue of the five-star Kempinski Hotel.

High standards in luxury spa and conference hotel 
In Gravenbruch, close to the pulsating Main metropolis Frankfurt, the traditional Kempinski Hotel nestles at the heart of a 15 hectare park with lake. Originally built as a hunting lodge, the hotel offers 225 luxurious, elegantly appointed rooms, suites and apartments with modern technical facilities that satisfy guests' every wish. A 2,000 square meter spa and outdoor pool are also part of the extensive hotel complex. Guests of the five-star hotel can look forward to premium comfort and a unique atmosphere in all areas. The staff of the five-star Hotel Kempinski in Frankfurt Gravenbruch do their utmost to live up to these standards every day. It therefore goes without saying that an interruption in the heating supply is something to be avoided at all costs. 

Heating supply emergency
A connecting line between the district heating grid and hotel heating system had to be shut off at short notice due to an unexpected malfunction.
"It came as a shock to us, because we were taken completely unawares. If the showers had run cold in the hotel rooms in the morning, it would have been difficult for us to make good the damage to the hotel's image," says Gabriele Gath, Technical Manager of the hotel, "That's why we immediately checked out the Internet for a short-term solution.“ In the Internet, Gath came across Hotmobil, the hiring specialist for mobile heating, cooling and steam units. 

Rapid, expert and comprehensive help
Michael Büttner, Hotmobil's man in the field for the Rhine-Main area, provided advice and a quotation for a bespoke heating concept. Right the next day, the Hotmobil service technicians from the Frankfurt branch delivered a mobile heating unit and a mobile tank unit and put them into service. The 950 kilowatt heating unit in the trailer and mobile heating oil tank with a volume of 5,000 liters were discreetly parked in the hotel grounds unnoticed by the guests. The Hotmobil service team connected mobile tubes to link the mobile heating unit with the hotel's heating system. A few days later, a second 350 kilowatt mobile heating unit was delivered to heat the spa. Both units were fitted with sound absorbers, which reduced noise emission by a further ten decibels.

Comprehensive service and support
The operating data of both units could be easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer or smartphone.  This data includes parameters such as the heating oil level in the tank, the boiler temperature, the water pressure, the heating circuit supply and return temperature and domestic hot water temperature. This made it much easier for those responsible to monitor the system. Any faults could thus be detected and eliminated in a timely manner. All operational and safety-relevant system data was logged over the entire service duration of the heating unit, thus ensuring even greater safety and transparency. In addition, Hotmobil made sure that the heating oil tank was topped up reliably during the four-week rental period – also part of the package the service provider offers its customers.

Customer satisfaction takes top priority
At the end of the day, there were smiles all round from those involved in the project. "Thanks to Hotmobil's reliable professional support, operation ran smoothly. Above all, we are very grateful that the emergency could be taken care of unknown to our guests," says Gabriele Gath, summarizing the good cooperation with Michael Büttner and his team.

Hotmobil Deutschland was founded in 1994 and has since been regarded as a pioneer of mobile energy units. With a pool of more than 1,600 units, the service provider offers solutions that are tailor-made to suit customers' temporary heating, cooling and steam requirements.

Cover picture: Kempinski Hotels