Refrigeration supply up to the 13th floor

During the renovation work in the Skyline high-rise building in Kempten, a mobile Hotmobil refrigeration center is taking over the air conditioning of the four-star Parkhotel and Skyline restaurant on the upper floors. This temporary solution was procured by the local refrigeration and air conditioning specialist Schwarz Kältetechnik, which has already successfully used the service of the Hotmobil service provider several times in the past.

If conversion measures take place in a high-rise building due to a change of use of commercial space, this may have an adverse effect on the other tenants. These can assume such proportions that they are detrimental to business. To avoid this, interim solutions must be found that are satisfactory for all sides. This was also the case with the Skyline high-rise in Kempten, which was built in 1997 and is known far beyond the town's borders, and not just because of its glass exterior elevator. Renovation work is currently underway for two large retail companies that will move into the lower floors by summer at the latest. Five of the upper floors are occupied by the Parkhotel, which also includes the popular Skyline Restaurant with its unique panoramic view on the 13th floor.

Due to the renovations, the cold water supply to the air conditioning system, which is located on the first floor, was temporarily interrupted. This is not a problem during the winter months. However, since there will be a construction delay and the work will extend into the warmer months, the homeowner wants to take precautions. He commissioned the specialist company Schwarz Kältetechnik to procure an interim solution. It is to take over temporarily the air conditioning of the kitchen, the restaurant and the conference areas. The medium-sized company, with around 30 employees and a 90-year tradition, is considered the market leader in the Allgäu region. "As a refrigeration specialist, we have a great deal of experience. That's why customers from the food production sectors, such as cheese dairies, foil production and industrial manufacturing, trust us. A use of temporary, mobile solutions is not new for us. Our partner in such cases is Hotmobil Germany. Last year, we used it to air-condition a large event tent, among other things," reports Bernd Schwarz, who is the fourth generation to run the family business.

A particular technical challenge was the building's height of 13 floors. Therefore, after the needs analysis by the rental company Hotmobil, the high-rise building received a particularly powerful pump in addition to a mobile refrigeration unit with 150 kW. The installation of the replacement solution was carried out in cooperation between the landlord and the refrigeration specialist, which has already passed its first test in spring-like temperatures. Bernd Schwarz is not the only one who is pleased about this: "Until the conversion work is completed, the mobile chilled water supply will provide sufficient air conditioning for the 42-room hotel with its conference rooms and the restaurant. This rules out any adverse effects for the guests and our client is rid of one worry."