Zuverlässige Übergangsversorgung dank mobilem Mietdampf-Konzept

Wegen notwendiger Revisionsarbeiten und einem damit verbundenen Stillstand an der Dampferzeugeranlage im Heizkraftwerk Jena überbrückte eine mobile Dampfcontainer-Lösung von Hotmobil die Versorgung von ZEISS am Standort Jena-Lichtenhain mit Prozessenergie. Auftraggeber für dieses Projekt waren die für das Fernwärmenetz zuständigen Stadtwerke Jena Netze GmbH.

In July 2020, scheduled maintenance was required on the district heating network in Jena. In order to perform this maintenance, Andreas Kirmse, Technical Project Manager at the municipal utility, needed to find a temporary solution, since interrupting the supply of steam to ZEISS's plant at Jena was not acceptable under any circumstances. The responsible parties notified the municipal utility of Jena as early as February of their search for a suitable solution that would be able to supply ZEISS with all of its required process energy. Working in close cooperation with Jörg Heinl, field service representative at Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile heating, chilling and steam units, a temporary solution was devised. Two mobile steam units in a 20-foot container, each rated at 2.5 t/h, two mobile heating oil tanks with a capacity of 5000 liters each, and two containers for the mobile water treatment, would reliably supply ZEISS with the required steam. The mobile systems were set up on the employee parking lot and connected to the existing steam lines. Various departments at ZEISS in Jena need the process steam for production of small equipment and in the clean rooms. The sensitive subject of noise abatement was another aspect that needed to be considered when preparing the temporary solution. Measured directly at the exhaust outlet of the steam boiler, the noise level was 97.7 decibels (dB). A noise assessment confirmed the system's relevant sound emission at a distance of ten meters as 61.3 dB; this decreased exponentially with increasing distance. To achieve a further reduction, Hotmobil supplied two exhaust systems with silencers as a special solution that lowered the sound emission by an additional 10 dB.

At the beginning of July 2020, the service technicians from the Hotmobil branch in Leipzig delivered the mobile containers and the required accessories such as desludging tank, mobile water treatment and power cables in Jena and prepared the systems for acceptance by the Technical Control Board (TÜV). Steam systems of this size must satisfy stringent requirements – from both the client and the TÜV. Successful acceptance by the TÜV was a prerequisite for commissioning of the temporary supply system. For this reason, a two-day test run was conducted over the weekend in response to a request from ZEISS. Thanks to the intense planning phase early on and the good cooperation of all participants in the project, the five-day interruption for maintenance of the district heating system was bridged reliably. 

"The preparations for the demanding and complex project were handled optimally from the very beginning – not last thanks to the commitment, the solid technical know-how and the great experience of all who participated. We are also very satisfied with the support of the service technicians from the Leipzig branch of Hotmobil during the entire rental period as well as with the system, including accessories. Even coordination of the decommissioning and pickup of the system was organized quite constructively and flexibly with the Hotmobil home office." stated Kirmse regarding the cooperation with Hotmobil.

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