Rental refrigeration ensures trade fair success

Already since 2014, the service provider Hotmobil Messe Interzoo in Nuremberg has ensured that everyone in the exhibition hall can feel completely comfortable with an elaborate installation of five central cooling units including powerful ventilation units and almost 1000 meters of hoses. Hotmobil will again ensure pleasant temperatures at the next Interzoo trade fair in May 2018.

Anyone who knows trade fairs knows the effort that goes into making sure that everything works perfectly and is ready on the few days of the fair. The trade fair companies also make a comparatively similar effort. Their goal is to provide exhibitors and visitors with a smoothly functioning infrastructure so that the hoped-for contacts can be made and maintained, deals concluded and information exchanged.

The infrastructure also includes air conditioning in the exhibition halls. But these are not always technically optimally equipped. Mobile systems must then be used to supply heat in winter and cool air in summer. This is also the case at Interzoo, the world's largest trade show for pet supplies, which takes place every two years in early summer in Nuremberg. Since it is impossible to predict how warm it will be on the four days of the exhibition in May, the technical management of the exhibition company has been planning an additional air-conditioning concept for years. This year is no exception. At present, planning and preparations for the next Interzoo trade fair are already in full swing. Matthias Brinkmann, the field representative responsible for the Nuremberg trade fair at Hotmobil, is fine-tuning the final technical details of the concept and preparing for its use in May 2018. The rental company Hotmobil Deutschland will then be responsible for the air conditioning of the almost 13,000 m² hall during the four days of the exhibition. It has to ensure that the temperature is "exactly five degrees below the outside temperature". Matthias Brinkmann comments: "With this scale of operation, it needs to be optimally planned, which is why our discussions start several months in advance. The aging exhibition hall does not have its own cooling system to which we can connect our equipment. In our air-conditioning concept, we have to take into account that summer temperatures can already be present in May."

Based on the experience gained in previous years, the deployment plan has already been decided: five 150 kW central cooling units, each with an auxiliary fan of the same power class, will be installed in the outdoor area of the exhibition hall. The Coolunits MKZ 150 are air-cooled liquid chillers that are optimally equipped for outdoor installation thanks to their corrosion-resistant design. The 20,000 m3/h frequency-controlled Coolair MLG 150 FU air handling units with a pressure of up to 400 Pa are particularly suitable for cooling storage and machine rooms and for event air conditioning. These are set up in pairs along the hall in the outdoor area. But this is not the real challenge in this application. This lies in the optimum ventilation of the hall via the hoses laid as inconspicuously as possible inside. In addition, the guests in the hall should not feel any drafts. For this reason, 5 x 2 strips of wire ropes are installed along the ceiling of the hall to support the ventilation hoses. In total, the Hotmobil team of technicians is laying 650 meters of hoses inside and 350 meters outside. That alone is an effort of ten man-days, much of which is accomplished with the help of a mobile working platform. In order to guarantee the interior temperatures desired by Messe Nürnberg in time for the opening of the Interzoo trade fair on May 8, 2018, the refrigeration centers and ventilation units start up several days beforehand.