Satisfied residents - despite a heating failure

On the weekend of all days, the gas boiler of a residential building in Radolfzell beside Lake Constance broke down. Since a non-functioning heating may, especially at winter temperatures, quickly result in cold apartments, a quick reaction was required. A mobile heating unit was used as interim solution in this case of emergency and ensured the supply with heat and hot water for all residents.

No need to have a cold shower
Right at the start into the weekend, the SHAC specialist Hänsler received an emergency call from the nearby Radolfzell beside Lake Constance. In a residential building with 60 apartments in the inner city, the residents detected a failure of the heating and warm water supply and informed the responsible property management. Since a non-functioning heating may, especially at winter temperatures, quickly result in cold apartments and cold water, a quick reaction was required. 

Rapid assistance
“We immediately set out to examine the situation on site”, said Timm Hänsler, the company owner, “and found that the 23-year-old gas boiler with a power of 200 kW could not be repaired and must be replaced with a new one.” It was clear that a temporary interim supply solution until the replacement of the boiler was required. This solution was provided by the service provider Hotmobil, the leading rental specialist for mobile heating, refrigeration and steam units who has its headquarter in Gottmadingen which is only 15 kilometers away and who can be reached around the clock and is always ready to help. A mobile heating unit with a heat output of 350 kW served as interim solution until the installation of a new boiler. The Hotmobil service technicians delivered the mobile backup heating already on Saturday morning to the place of use in Radolfzell. Together with the heating specialists of the SHAC company, they connected the heating unit via hoses for supply and return to the heating circuit of the building and put it into operation. 

Good cooperation
Thanks to a perfect service and a fast supply, the mobile backup heating was running only 24 hours after the detection of the failure – to the complete satisfaction of the property management and the residents. All run hand in hand so that the residents were not cold and did not have to do without hot water. “We were very happy that the problem could be solved within a very short time and that the cooperation with Hotmobil worked without any problems. Thanks to the interim solution, we had enough time to replace the boiler”, commented Hänsler the emergency operation.

With its pioneering spirit and innovative strength, Hotmobil has been setting benchmarks in the rental of mobile energy units for over 26 years. The company secures the trust of its customers and market partners with many years of experience and a modern rental park. A high degree of reliability and an exceptional commitment to the concept of service guarantee the rapid and competent use on site.