Secure benefits through the use of rental equipment

With mobile heating, refrigeration or vapour units from Hotmobil you can work cost-effectively and reliably right around the clock on 365 days a year

Anyone wishing to remain mobile after a vehicle breakdown, or while on vacation, turns unquestioningly to a professional, reputable and reliable provider to obtain a suitable rental car. With this convenient solution, you remain flexible, you can drive around in comfort in one of the latest models and you keep a firm grip on costs. Exactly the same principles apply when you rent mobile heating, refrigeration or vapour units to assure ongoing operational capability during the renovation or failure of existing systems. Typical applications involve the maintenance or modernization of HVAC systems, the drying of screed during renovation or new-build construction, the air-conditioning of tents / marquees, the provision of hot water or the bridging of district heating lines.

Rental is cost-effective
Those who rent avoid tying up their capital in plant investment, instead leaving it free to use in other areas of the business for healthy growth. In other words, rental equipment does not impose a burden on cash flow nor on the line of credit and accomplish a better ratio between balance sheet assets and liabilities. Yet another advantage: rental power units do not run up any inventory costs. Also true of maintenance costs. With plant from Hotmobil Deutschland, you are always getting the latest, most energy-efficient technology supplied directly to where it is going to be used. Furthermore, Hotmobil equipment, which is always fitted with nothing except components from renowned brand-name manufacturers, receives meticulous attention after every deployment from our own highly-skilled maintenance engineers. In this way, Hotmobil ensures that the most productive and most reliable equipment is available at the site where it is needed. Last but not least, you should not forget that Hotmobil bills for the rental period on an eminently fair daily basis. That makes for transparency and ease of calculation.

Rental rounds off the product offering and delivers flexibility
Given that business-related and operational challenges are changing constantly, rental equipment ensures that you always have the appropriate range of products. In emergency situations and unscheduled deployments, it is particularly important to have a service provider as your partner who can respond fast, reliably and flexibly. This is something that Hotmobil has assured with its 24/7 hotline and its ten wholly-owned subsidiaries located right across Germany – and that is available 365 days a year. Yet another reason why the Gottmadingen-based pioneer is awarded top marks by its customers for reliability, flexibility and fast response times.