Time saving and warmth on the winter construction site

For new buildings such as office buildings, high-rise buildings or shopping centers, the specialist company Schöhl Haustechnik Rhein-Main GmbH relies on Hotmobil. To accelerate the drying of the screed with the help of the underfloor heating or to heat the construction sites in the course of winter construction heating, the proven electric heating units of the HOTBOY type are used. This is also the case in a seven-storey office building currently under construction in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport.

Those who want to carry out work in new buildings without delay during the winter months can hardly do without mobile heating solutions. This is the task currently facing a project team from Schöhl Haustechnik. It is responsible for the installation of heating, cooling and sanitary technology in a new office building with seven floors at Frankfurt Airport. The building is equipped with HOTBOY central electric heating units - two on each floor. They were rented from the rental specialist Hotmobil for a period of two months. "This is the second time we have used the powerful and reliable HOTBOY mobile electric heating units. They guarantee us fast screed drying by regulated heating of the underfloor heating and provide heat on the construction site. The mobile units can be easily controlled manually, are easily movable and can be set up and put into operation by one person. All this makes them an indispensable tool on the construction site," says Viktor Getman, senior installer at Schöhl Haustechnik.