Ace climate with rental solutions from Hotmobil

From indoor air-conditioning to industrial process cooling, Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy centers, covers the entire application area for mobile refrigeration with its mobile air-conditioning units and refrigeration centers. In emergency cases and for scheduled use, plant operators, specialist planners and HVAC businesses can lease cooling units simply and easily, which the energy service provider then connects and commissions on-site using its own technical staff.

The right solution for every need
The service provider's range of mobile refrigeration units extends from compact room air-conditioning units rated at 4 kW to transportable large refrigeration generators of 550 kW, thus offering the operators of refrigeration systems a reliable temporary solution for their cooling supply. Hotmobil supports its customers with intensive consulting from the beginning to develop optimally coordinated solutions for them.

Rental refrigeration bridges supply bottlenecks
Rapid assistance is required in the event of an emergency, because in many cases an interruption to the refrigeration system can have fatal consequences that result in high costs. This is where Hotmobil's rental refrigeration fleet offers solutions for building air-conditioning and temperature control for industrial and commercial processes.

Stay cost-effective and flexible with rental equipment
Temporary rental solutions offer flexibility and save high investment costs in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. As an experienced partner in the rental business, Hotmobil can deliver appropriate, modern and efficient technology at any time and ensures its units are put into operation promptly. The operating data of the rental refrigeration units from 100 kW are easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer or smartphone during the entire rental period and operating time. This means any faults are quickly established and rectified. 

Rapid, expert and comprehensive help
The chillers are installed ready for operation on transport frames, and can quickly be transported to the site of use in the shortest possible time. There, they are connected to the cold water system in the building by means of strong, flexible pressure hoses. Hotmobil's service technicians take care of the delivery, logistics, connection and commissioning. The compact air-conditioning units are shipped to customers by forwarding agent, and thanks to their easy handling can be put into operation without the need for service personnel. 

Experienced renter of mobile energy centers
Hotmobil, the pioneer in the sector, is one of the leading suppliers of heating, cooling and steam rental units in Germany. Thanks to eleven company-owned branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and to competent advisors who are available around the clock, Hotmobil, which was founded in 1994, is recognized as an extremely service-oriented and capable company. You can always rely on Hotmobil – satisfied customers confirm that time and again every day.