Hotmobil improves environmental management through EMAS validation

Umweltmanagement EMAS

Since the end of May 2017, Hotmobil, the manufacturer and supplier of mobile heating, cooling and steam rental units, has been able to display the EMAS seal. The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme – abbreviated EMAS – is the world's most demanding system for environmental management. It shows that Hotmobil is making an enduring contribution to improving the environment and conserving resources.

During the months long certification process, all areas of environmental protection at Hotmobil were scrutinized: starting with energy and material consumption, water, waste water, waste and emissions. EMAS is backed by the German Ministry for the Environmental and the European Union. Government-supervised, independent environmental experts regularly examine and monitor compliance with environmental protection goals, and collect figures and facts In this regard. These are updated annually and entered in a public register at In this way, EMAS ensures transparency and compliance with statutory environmental regulations.

In a ceremony held on December 7, 2017 in the Gottmadingen headquarters of Hotmobil, Michael Zierer, representative for the environment and energy areas of the Upper Rhine-Lake Constance Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presented the official EMAS certificate to the company's management.

"In this way, we protect the climate, conserve resources, comply with environmental regulations, create trust among our customers and show that we take our social responsibility seriously.", stated Mary Biedermann, Managing Director at Hotmobil, regarding the decision to seek certification from EMAS.

Through anticipatory and systematic incorporation of environmental aspects in the company's decisions as a voluntary, self-imposed obligation, Hotmobil offers its customers added value – in terms of quality assurance, progress, sustainability and energy efficiency.