HOTMOBIL sponsors the German TGA Award 2018

Sponsor Deuter TGA-Award

For the third time now, Hotmobil, the rental specialist and market leader in the area of mobile heating, cooling and steam supply units, has been the official sponsor of the competition in the technical Journal "Moderne Gebäudetechnik" (Modern Building Services Engineering} for TGA planners and industrial manufacturing companies in the building services engineering field. The German TGA Award is the national honor for projects in the TGA sector that have been recognized for exceptional engagement in terms of a sustainable and innovative future.

Supporting exemplary achievements and in this way making them more accessible to the greater public is the sense and purpose of many honors. This also applies to the German TGA Award, which the Huss-Verlag has now presented for the third time in May of 2018 together with the technical journal "Moderne Gebäudetechnik". The prize focuses on TGA planners and manufacturing companies who have achieved ecologically sustainable solutions with their innovative planning services and products. The prize is awarded in three categories: New construction and modernization of already existing projects and, in the third category, innovative projects that are still in the planning phase.

The technical opportunities and requirements for planners, engineers and architects are becoming increasingly complex – not least because of the rapid development in the digital revolution, which has also reached the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary sector. The German TGA Award offers technical professionals an ideal platform for presentation of interesting, future-oriented projects that show what is already feasible and in this way give the broader technical public important momentum for their own work.

With pioneering spirit and innovative creativity, Hotmobil Deutschland has already been setting benchmarks in leasing and sales of mobile energy units for almost 25 years. "As a future-oriented company, we rely on partner-like cooperation with our customers, which also includes the TGA sector. We feel that we have an obligation to provide innovative approaches to technical building services. This is one of the reasons for our engagement as sponsor of the des TGA Award.", explained Rainer Notter, Managing Director of Hotmobil Deutschland.  

Hotmobil offers proven solutions from its wide selection of mobile heating units for temporary heating to the responsible planning offices as well as the tradesmen performing the work in the renovation phase. For numerous HVAC companies, this service has become an indispensable component in the actual course of the project. And rightfully so, since it creates free space and time for the companies involved in the renovation and reduces the usual inconveniences for the users of the real estate. In this way, Hotmobil has, as an active supplier of mobile heating, cooling and steam solutions in Germany since 1994, become an important partner when it comes to renovation of heating systems.