More safety for the restart

Thermal disinfection – effective protection against Legionella contamination


After the standstill for months in the hotels and gastronomy and many public buildings, the Legionella contamination can become a severe problem for the operators. An effective protection is the thermal disinfection of the drinking water systems. The rental specialist Hotmobil offers this special service with the use of mobile heating units.

A thermal disinfection that is carried out with the help of a mobile heating unit protects reliably against a Legionella contamination in the drinking water system.

Qualified and experienced Hotmobil service technicians carry out a thermal disinfection directly at the place of use.

Threat from Legionella
The German drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV) requires that warm water treatment systems from a certain size on must be tested regularly for Legionella. Legionella are bacteria that enter the respiratory system and can cause severe lung diseases. The long standstill during the pandemic and the significantly reduced water circulation may favor the proliferation of the bacteria.

Thermal disinfection as around-the-clock service
If, during the regular test, the amount of Legionella is exceeded, the operator has to take immediate measures. After a positive Legionella test result, a thermal disinfection with hot water at 70°C is required. Since the installed stationary drinking water heaters are not designed for this output, a mobile heating unit is a sound solution in this case. The service of a complete thermal disinfection is offered by Hotmobil. 

Quick and flexible use
For thermal disinfection, the entire drinking water installation including all tapping points must be rinsed with hot water at 70°C for at least three minutes. A flexible heating unit that continuously generates domestic hot water temperatures of up to 85°C and that can be used everywhere is used to supply the heated drinking water. In this respect, Hotmobil benefits from its many years of experience in this field.

With its pioneering spirit and innovative strength, Hotmobil has been setting benchmarks in the rental of mobile energy units for over 26 years. The company secures the trust of its customers and market partners with many years of experience and a modern rental park. A high degree of reliability and an exceptional commitment to the concept of service guarantee the rapid and competent use on site.