Special heating unit HOTLINER MSH 280

The special unit for the mobile heating of buildings is based on water-guided heating system technology.

The unit is designed to accommodate the heat generator as well as the necessary accessories, such as the mobile air heater (Hotair) and the connecting lines (Hotflex), in a 10-foot container. The customer is already given the option of equipping the heating unit with different sizes of air heaters (Hotair) during the quotation phase, i.e. the unit is designed around the object to be serviced on a modular principle. This flexibility is unique on the market. Depending on the climatic conditions the customer can save up to 40% in heating oil. This pays handsome dividends when operating over the entire winter months.

This model series can also be operated with liquid gas, which considerably reduces CO2 emissions.

Your advantages

mobile heating unit to generate hot air
up to 40% lower consumption of heating oil
freely configurable performance
pre-filled and frost-proof (water/glycol)
provided ready-to-connect/ready-to-plug

Special heating unit HOTLINER MSH 280 -
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