Cooling of IT equipment

Cooling of server rooms and computer centres

In the IT sector, the high stakes involved in any failure of cooling or refrigeration to server rooms and computer centres include disruption to digital corporate and logistics processes as well as to data security. HOTMOBIL assures the cooling operation of IT equipment with a range of products extending from the portable 'split air-conditioner' to enormous cold water backup facilities.

Refrigeration solutions for every power requirement

Mobile refrigeration plants and air-conditioning devices to provide an ongoing air-conditioning service to buildings in the event of breakdown of refrigeration plants, the supply of refrigeration to bridge downtime in production or inventory facilities or to safeguard IT security. Mobile air-conditioning units and refrigeration plants are used whether there is a need to provide a temporary supply of cooling to production or inventory facilities. A frequent application involves the cooling of IT computer centres. Specifically for the cooling of IT server rooms, HOTMOBIL developed the Coolair MLG 25 IT refrigeration unit with down-flow cooling: this involves directing the airflow into a double-bottomed or twin-hull structure. In the mobile split devices (Coolsplit) specifically devised for rental purposes, the line connecting the internal and the external units can be extended to any desired length. This makes it easy to provide cooling to internal server rooms.

Our services

We offer availability for our mobile cooling units right across Germany from our ten locations, direct to your place of application, to enable us to restore network operations quickly in the event of an emergency situation. When you come to select a suitable energy solution, you are assisted by one of our project advisor. This person also knows your local conditions and visits the site to examine the routes for connecting our systems to an existing network or grid, or to the dedicated system already in the building.

Practical solutions

Hotmobil supplies you with mobile energy – quickly, flexibly and reliably

Fair processing


Costs are charged on a daily basis in accordance with the length of the application. (no minimum rental charge)

Top-quality advice


You can reach us anywhere in Germany at any time. You discuss your application with a single point of contact who then organizes the entire process for you from beginning to end. One call, one point of contact, one price.

Complete service


We deliver you a suitable mobile power plant together with all the necessary accessories, we organize the provision of fuel and our own specialist personnel commission the unit to get it up and running. Then we monitor and manage the operation of your rental plant.

Available right across Germany


Our stock of rental plant is based across our eight locations in Germany, each manned by its own team of product specialists.

In service for you


Our references show you numerous applications for mobile heating plants, mobile refrigeration plants, mobile splitter units, mobile vapour plants, mobile electrical heating devices, mobile hot water plants, mobile ventilation units and mobile special-purpose heating plants for specialist applications.

Modern rental fleet


With more than 1000 units in our rental fleet, we can supply our customers in a dependable manner with systems appropriate to their needs.