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Mobile energy, with individual solutions in active use

HOTMOBIL delivers mobile energy straightaway whenever you need heating, cooling or steam on site. We can provide clear evidence of our performance capabilities through our team and through the 1.000 or so mobile energy supply units in operation daily in an incredibly diverse array of applications: for the supply of heating to residential buildings to process cooling for industrial plant to the bridging of energy supply gaps in power stations and in remote heating distribution networks. From the provision of hot water for swimming pools to the support start-up processes in biogas plants through to the provision of cooling to hospitals and commercial buildings. From the precisely controlled heating of buildings during the drying time for screed coatings to the provision of hot water supplied at precise temperatures for major events.


Mobile energy - as versatile as the industrial trades sector

Convenient heating, hot water, comfortably air-conditioned rooms: The HVAC trade has exactly the expertise you need, especially when you are considering modernization of your energy supply facilities. All that and much more - for example when the heating system 'downs tools on you' at the weekend. In both cases, HOTMOBIL is the right choice of partner for you: our mobile energy supply units help you to bridge your heating needs during conversion work to install modern heating technology. In emergency situations, help is quickly to hand, helping you to restore heating rapidly in the event of a malfunction shutting down your primary heating system.  

We let you get on with your job as a tradesman

The HVAC trade can look forward to vast revenue-earning potential on the back of great demand for modernization of heating systems. However, the changeover to modern and efficient heating technology now often entails the need for a complete system rebuild, one involving far more than a simple boiler replacement. HOTMOBIL provides you with the mobile energy you need, giving you the latitude you need to be effective: i.e. you can even proceed with the modernization of heating systems when it is cold outside, or if the hot water supply cannot be interrupted. For complete conversion of heating systems without any adverse impact on residents, tenants and users. Free of makeshift arrangements and free of time pressure as you concentrate on delivering high-quality work.

Leasing or renting mobile energy

From mobile electrical heating for modernizing the heating system in a family home up to the vehicle-based mobile heating unit to provide heating to large buildings: no matter whether you need 9 kW or 950 kW of heating power, HOTMOBIL, the pioneer of mobile energy supply for all applications, is sure to have the right size of unit for your needs. That may be just for a day or for several weeks, for scheduled use at a defined time and place, or to cover emergencies over a weekend. Whatever you need, a central and competent partner is on hand for you to contact right around the clock. HOTMOBIL supplies mobile energy with its own technical staff that handles on-site installation and commissioning.

Wherever you need energy

Mobile energy is as versatile as your trade. Vehicle-based heating units for use in detached and semi-detached homes can be indispensable aids to HVAC businesses: mobile electrical power plants rated for 14 kW to 36 kW are in service for repair work, the modernization of heating systems and for the drying of screed coatings. Hotmobil is also your reliable and fair partner when you are looking for cooling and air-conditioning systems: when you rent or lease one of our mobile 'split' units and cold water kits, you are simply being provided with cooling power for applications ranging from the cooling of individual rooms through to the mobile provision of cooling power for climatic technology or industrial cooling.


Mobile energy, independent and flexible

Energy supply is one of the fundamental production factors in industry and related trades. Heat for the heating of buildings and production facilities, refrigeration for air-conditioning and cooling, steam for production processes – continuous and reliable provision of the required forms of energy is a decisive element in the process sequence. Power plants from HOTMOBIL can assure this supply on-demand.

Flexible and cost-effective energy supply

With mobile power plants, your energy supply remains flexible at all times: as rolling miniature power plants for temporary use during maintenance or conversion work, as stationary container-based power plants for heating or steam and as transportable cold water kits, energy can be called upon at the required power level using modern, efficient technology - and leasing is available as well as purchase. This saves on investment costs - money does not need to be tied up in 'redundant' (i.e. backup) energy supply systems.

Customized energy supply independent of location

Mobile energy gives you more latitude for making important investment decisions. Pending modernization of plant to generate heat, cold or steam require an appropriate length of lead time in order to identify the most cost-effective and efficient solution. True of leasing as well as of purchase: the costs incurred by the temporary use of mobile energy can be lower than the costs of prematurely rapid modernization. The engineers in our Planning department can design you a customized power plant to suit your specific needs for heating, refrigeration or the supply of steam: not only that, they can also provide you at the same time with answers to decisive question, such as 'Are parts of the production process to be relocated to a different site?' If so, one of our container-based power plants simply relocates with you. Is production to start up in the new building even though some of the technical facilities are still under construction? The transportable heating power plant from HOTMOBIL can deliver the heat you require right here and right now.

Guarantee against production downtime

Our mobile power plants can be connected up within your plant, even over extended distances. Not only that, but HOTMOBIL guarantees its connection within your company right around the clock, for whenever you have a sudden and short-term need for mobile energy. Reliable protection against a failure of the power supply is something else included in the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee, which assures you - along the lines of an energy insurance policy - of heat, cold or steam when you need it, within a contractually defined period of time.

Energy provider

Mobile energy, on location quickly and reliably

The reliable provision of energy at any time of the day or night is the yardstick against which customers and end users measure the reliability of their utility company. HOTMOBIL assures the provision of energy in precisely those places where large volumes of heat or steam are vitally necessary to safeguard supply.

In service on location, delivering an uninterruptible supply of energy

Something which customers may take for granted is something which obliges power stations and distribution network providers to undertake continuous maintenance to achieve. Mobile energy units constitute the flexible solution for temporary energy supply: directly at the power station or in an urban area. Where distribution networks are being extended, to provide assured coverage at peak load times, during scheduled maintenance work or when leaks are detected in a remote heating line. To bridge bottlenecks in the primary energy supply and for scheduled major overhauls. We offer availability for our mobile energy units right across Germany from our ten locations, direct to your supply area, to enable us to restore network operations quickly in the event of an emergency situation.

Temporary energy supply without tying up capital

Through the provision of mobile energy, Hotmobil, the pioneer and market leader in the field of mobile energy supply, is there to support your company, also with optimization of your operating costs. In new-builds and the modernization of energy systems or remote heating distribution networks, mobile energy units can deliver power 'on-demand' up to the two-digit megawatt range, thereby ensuring that you can dispense with 'redundant', i.e. backup, plant systems. Hotmobil provides heat and steam on location and, if so desired, can also supply the fuel you need, and takes care of all the logistics involved.

Heating and steam to lease or built to customized specifications

Mobile energy units from Hotmobil are equipped with all the latest technology for local generation of heat, cooling and steam. Available to rent or lease from our stock of equipment extending over more than 600 energy units, or also planned and manufactured to suit your precise requirements. Vehicle-based mobile heating units with power ratings of up to 950 kW help you to bridge the supply of heating to buildings or to sections of the remote heating distribution network. To supply major customers or public-sector establishments, and for longer lease periods, mobile heating units can be deployed in transportable containers and can deliver heating power ratings of up to 2500 kW. To supply steam consumers and remote heating distribution networks operated with steam, our mobile and fully turnkey steam generating units may be just what you need, offering power ratings of 600 to 16000 kg/hr. A guaranteed bonus is the Hotmobil Energy Guarantee which you can use to protect yourself against the failure of your power generating facilities. This ensures, for your assured supply of energy, that your customers on location can call on a source of mobile energy for a contractually agreed period of time.

Public utility comp./municipal auth.

Mobile energy - to keep the heart of the town beating

Towns and municipalities need a reliable form of energy supply. 'Sensitive' buildings such as hospitals, nursery schools and care facilities cannot tolerate any interruption in the provision of their heating and cooling systems. HOTMOBIL is on call 365 days a year with its mobile energy power stations to deliver heat, cold or steam - for days, weeks, months or on a permanent basis.

Local supply of remote heating and cooling energy

Any functioning infrastructure demands reliably continuous supply of energy to towns, residential areas and industrial zones. Mobile energy enables modernization of heating facilities to go ahead without any makeshift stopgap measures. Renovation work on public-sector facilities can therefore proceed even during the cold months of the year. In summer, mobile heating systems can provide hot water for public swimming pools. Wherever the required cooling system fails, our mobile refrigeration stations can provide a temporary source of cooling power.

Safe operation of standalone local heating supply systems

Local and municipal supply companies are coming increasingly to rely on decentralized local heat supply through the use of regenerative (sustainable) energies or combined heat and power (CHP). The construction of redundant power generating facilities does however call for greater investment and this imposes a burden on municipal budgets. Mobile 'power stations' for temporary periods can save the expense of maintaining backup systems that increase fixed overheads and that operate at low levels of utilization. Reliable protection from the failure of a local heating supply is provided by the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee: for a modest annual fee, the requisite heating, refrigeration or steam generating system is kept aside for delivery and commissioning at short notice within a contractually agreed period of time.

Cost-effective provision of energy for local power supply

The scope for leasing mobile power stations of this kind enables infrastructure to contend with emergencies and any conversion work that may be required. For continuous operation to cover peak loads, and for Contracting projects, the level of investment in an ideally dimensioned energy supply facility can be tailored precisely to match your budget. Talk to us about your specific requirements - we will be delighted to get involved in your local energy supply project and will be pleased to provide you with a customized quotation.


Mobile energy for continous production

Electricity generated from biogas with combined heat and power (CHP) constitutes an important segment of the supply of power from renewables. For newly commissioning biogas facilities, the biogas propellant needs to be substituted in the start-up phase. Mobile heating power stations can assist during the initial heating phase by providing an external supply of heat

Mobile fermenter heating for the start-up phase

With recently commissioned biogas facilities, the supply of thermal energy is essential until such time as biogas starts to be produced automatically in the fermenter tank. A simple, cost-effective variant is to support the initial heating phase with mobile heating plant.

An assured supply of electricity revenue right from Day One

The mobile heating plant is connected directly to the fermenter tank throughout the initial heating phase and supplies the requisite heating power in a direct manner. This saves the need to convert the engine on the biogas plant to run on different fuels. Furthermore, the biomass 'bonus' is protected during the initial heating phase because the biogas engine does not need to be run on fuels that are not covered by the biogas bonus scheme. Not only that but, during subsequent start-ups after maintenance work, the biogas plant can be powered up much faster than would otherwise be the case.

Assured operation and supply - even with a guarantee

The broad performance range of mobile heating plants from HOTMOBILmakes it possible to heat all fermenter sizes to the required temperature level. For this, the range of plant we keep across Germany includes mobile heating plants rated for up to 950 kW as well as mobile heating containers rated for up to 2500 kW of heating power. Mobile energy is also in service to safeguard the ongoing production of heat and power - to cover peak loads or during maintenance work on the CHP plant. To safeguard production and for security of supply for 'sensitive' heat consumers, HOTMOBIL offers its 'Energy Guarantee': for a modest annual fee, we set aside the most appropriate heating plant for your needs and can deliver this to you within a contractually agreed period of time. The HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee saves plant operators the need to invest in a redundant energy system.

Facility Management

Mobile energy, right on your doorstep

In modern buildings, Facility Management needs to deal with ongoing operational reliability coupled with optimum cost-effectiveness, not only in respect of heating but also of air-conditioning. The mobile energy plants from HOTMOBILdeliver heat and cold in emergency situations as well as during scheduled conversion work, doing so directly into the plant system

Modernization without interrupting the power supply

Energy costs play a substantial role in the total cost of running estates and rental properties. Modern and energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems reduce operating costs substantially and signify a competitive edge for commercial properties. To accomplish this, HOTMOBIL supplies you with mobile energy directly on location and this gives you the latitude to make the necessary renovations, thereby improving the value of your property. Without impediment for occupants, tenants and other users, even in summer, during which time heating system is still required to produce hot water.

Heat and cold for very brief or for very long periods

Mobile energy plants for heat or cold deliver rapid relief in emergencies. If a heating system malfunctions at a weekend or on a national holiday, when fast remedial action cannot otherwise be taken. In the event of a failure of the cooling system in a warehouse or a computer centre. In the case of necessary repair work that can last for up to several days. One of the ten HOTMOBIL subsidiaries in Germany can get to your site swiftly to install mobile energy on location. Even for a period of weeks or months as a transitional solution prior to renovation work, when lead time is required for planning, awarding of orders and implementation.

Insured against breakdowns with an additional guarantee

HOTMOBIL supplies mobile energy plants with their own technical staff, capable of dealing with setup, connection to the system in your building and initial startup (commissioning). In emergency situations, you can reach us right around the clock and speak to a central and competent person. With the Hotmobil Energy Guarantee you can protect your building against any unforeseen failure of the heat or cold supply. This energy insurance scheme guarantees your Facility Management team an assured supply of mobile energy within a contractually agreed period of time.

Planner / Architects

Mobile energy, the engine driving construction progress

Modernization of the energy-related aspects of buildings without interruption of heating supply is made possible by mobile heating systems. In new-build properties, this can speed up drying processes. Mobile refrigeration systems deliver the cooling energy needed for the air-conditioning of buildings. Mobile power stations from HOTMOBIL deliver the required power when and where it is needed.

Energy for buildings

In residential properties, about 75% of the total energy expended is required to provide remote heating with a further 12% for the provision of hot water. In modern buildings, it is a standard feature for this to go hand in hand with the provision of heating and cooling functions. Industrial buildings need heating power as well as refrigeration and steam for cooling purposes and for process energy. Energy-related modernization projects in inhabited residential property require the hot water supply to remain in working order throughout the process.

Shortening drying times and honouring deadlines consistently

Whether at the project stage or in an existing property - the provision of energy is a fundamental component of any viable building services industry. In construction shells, buildings need to be heated in the absence of a fuel supply, or while the heating system is still under construction. When heating large surface areas to dry screed coatings with a precisely metered supply of heat to enable the heating and cooling process to run smoothly. To shorten construction times with thermal activation of components. With reliable planning capability through the use of mobile heating systems. Prepared and, where needed, customized texts for invitations to tender all simplify the task for you of including the use of mobile energy supply systems in the technical specification document.

Planning in safety without any risk to costs and deadlines

HOTMOBIL, the pioneer of mobile energy supply, has an appropriate solution for every area of application. Available throughout Germany from any one of our ten subsidiaries. For scheduled use during build periods as well as for emergency situations. Also available as a transitional solution for extended periods of use, e.g. in the required lead time for planning, awarding of orders and implementation. With the HOTMOBIL Energy Guarantee, you can plan in advance to have a failsafe that will protect you against any failure of energy supply.


Mobile energy, for a good climate and a great atmosphere

Concerts and sports events, open-air events and spectacular indoor shows - successful event concepts organized perfectly down to the last detail. It may be a two-hour sports event or a three-day open-air event: mobile power plants from HOTMOBIL get your events up to the right temperature.

Mobile energy satisfies the need for high standards of comfort

Heating for spectator tents and VIP containers, cooling of event rooms, heating of mobile studios, hot water for open-air events: trends, expectations and prevailing legislation mean that the provision of power faces a never-ending stream of new challenges. Mobile energy plants deliver a constant power rating and temperature control to events, achieving the right climate indoors as well as out in the field. Energy-efficient with the very latest of heating and cooling technology across the entire performance range.

Agreeable climate and hot water

Modern and energy-efficient air heaters use a water-based heating system to direct heated air to the event tent - silently and without unpleasant draughts. For climate control, depending on requirements, the appropriate solutions are available to meet all needs. Compact 'split' air-conditioners unobtrusively deliver temperature control to rooms at prestigious events. In the case of large-scale events, controllable Coolair ventilation units deliver cool air, chilled using a powerful refrigerant unit. The rising demands for comfort at modern events, in addition to heating and cooling, now also call for hot water as a basic requirement. With Eventmaster, our mobile heating plant, Hotmobil can now supply major events with hot water, delivering rated power of up to 17,200 litres/hour at a water temperature of 45°C - for use in large marathon events as well as to provide stars, tour crew members and fans at open-air concerts with hot showers.

Precision power supply with modern technology

HOTMOBIL has specialized as an energy service provider on the customer-led provision of heating, cooling and hot water for events. Time and again, our mobile power plants can be found in operation at well-known major events in Europe - flexible, on-time delivery and reliable. Even for exceptional tasks such as the freezing and thawing of sporting ice rinks or the heating of swimming pools and the provision of on-demand warm rain showers during the making of films.

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