Individual plant construction

The one-stop shop for mobile energy

Your own mobile heating unit saves the cost of investment in structural building and assures the long-term operational readiness of your energy supply. Our in-house Sales, Planning, Development and Production departments assure a perfect match between your mobile heating unit and your specific requirements.

When planning your mobile heating unit, for the supply of heating, cooling, steam or district heating from biomass, we analyze your needs very precisely and then devise the optimum customer-specific solution to meet those needs. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and through compliance with the most stringent of quality standards, we can guarantee you optimum energy efficiency.


Your additional benefit is the flexibility of location that comes with our mobile units:
You might be relocating production, expanding or continuously changing where the equipment is used – your mobile energy unit is always right there where you need it.

  • Own planning and production
  • Customised production
  • Certified company according to DIN ISO 9001-2008
  • High quality plant components
  • Specific user training
  • Own nationwide service network
  • Set-up and commissioning by own specialists

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with the purchase of mobile energy units

Can you name me a guide price?

HOTMOBIL: To enable us to give you a serious estimate of the anticipated costs for your individual system, our Project Managers need, as a minimum, approximate indications of your desired layout, as well as the equipment features you wish to have on your mobile power unit. Based on experiential values gained from the large number of customer-specific systems we have already installed, we can then give you a fairly accurate estimate of your anticipated costs. As a rule of thumb, for trailer-based units with a power rating of 150 - 950 kW, you can assume a basic price of around €35k to €65k.  The price range for container-based power units with a power rating of 500 - 2500 kW lies in the region of €50k to €150k.

How much space do I need to build into my calculation for a mobile power unit? How much does it weigh?

HOTMOBIL: In all cases, mobile power units are installed in special boxed trailers or in oversea or storage containers. We always strive to build these units as compactly as possible, on the basis of standard dimensions. Customized dimensions may however prove necessary in one-off cases. The weight of a mobile power unit depends on the desired power rating or the required components. As a useful rule of thumb, you can assume that trailer-based units with a power rating of 150 - 950 kW will weigh roughly 1.6 to 3.5 tons. Mobile container-based power units with a power rating of up to 2500 kW will tend to weigh between 3.5 and 8 tons.

What types of feedback control are possible??

HOTMOBIL: We plan and produce mobile power units individually to suit customer wishes. As a consequence, we are best equipped to adapt the feedback control system on the unit to the building it will ultimately be serving with mobile power. Across the board, all types of hydraulic circuit and feedback control system are feasible. Also, when needed, the unit can be connected to in situ feedback control systems. Based on your requirements, our Project Managers will be pleased to devise and offer an appropriate feedback control concept.

Which expansion vessels are used?

HOTMOBIL: Across the board, all kinds of expansion vessel are feasible. The choice of expansion unit does however have a significant influence on the ultimate size of the overall system. A decisive point is whether protection is required on just the heat generating circuit, or also on the consumer network. Depending on requirements, either a compressor-controller expansion vessel or a static one, with the addition of automatic refill and/or gas relief/evacuation may be needed. To comply with directive VDI 2035, a water treatment unit is also a required element.

Which connections are present on the unit at which location(s)?

HOTMOBIL: The interfaces for heating water and, when necessary, for domestic hot water are fitted as standard on one of the external walls of the unit. The connections for power supply, condensate and fuel fill are normally inside the unit for safety reasons. Where technically feasible, we will also be pleased to cater for any individual placement wishes you may have. The connection dimensions correlate with the performance rating of the unit, and its corresponding volumetric flow rate. Regardless of this, the type of connections can be selected to provide a precise match with your preferences, meaning that external threads, flanges and all kinds of quick-release couplings are possible.

Is the unit CE-compliant?

HOTMOBIL: Yes! All of our units comply with the latest applicable standards and specifications, and are duly identified as such.

Which accessories are required?

HOTMOBIL: You never need to provide us with accessories of any kind. All of our individually produced mobile power units are independent, standalone systems, each one precisely matched to your needs and on-site conditions. Once connected up to the required media supply points, i.e. with electricity, water and fuel and/or condensate, the unit is ready to run. In cases where your individually produced unit is intended for use at different locations, flexible hose material may be required for connection to these systems in certain cases. Whenever required, our Project Managers will be delighted to discuss all of this with you in advance.

Is a water treatment facility mandatory?

HOTMOBIL: VDI 2035 is the directive that deals with the prevention of damage in hot water heating units. If at the planning stage, no fixed installation for water treatment has been envisaged, we are also able to fill your unit directly on site with standard-compliant treated water.

How are units delivered to site? How fast can you deliver?

HOTMOBIL: When needed, we are pleased to arrange transport together with any crane/lifting equipment that may be required, and can also offer on-site commissioning as an optional service. For individually produced units, depending on their level of complexity and on the utilization level of our production facilities, you should assume a delivery lead time of between 4 to 10 weeks or thereabouts. Regardless of our delivery lead time, we are always in a position to provide you with immediate effect with a unit from our rental fleet. 

Is it possible to purchase rental units?

HOTMOBIL: Certainly, the sale of a rental unit is always an option. Please contact our Project Managers directly whenever you need their assistance. We will be delighted to check the availability of the desired unit, and can provide you with a quotation in respect of purchase of any rental unit.