Cooling unit COOLUNIT MKZ 100 D

First air-cooled chiller on the market with scroll compressors and R-32.

The COOLUNIT chiller is designed for maximum energy efficiency, thereby reducing operating costs and environmental impact. It has highly efficient scroll compressors, a condenser with an enlarged surface area and a plate evaporator with lower pressure drop and refrigerant charge.

Choosing a system with R-32 allows to reduce the environmental impact to 68% compared to systems with R-410A. Thanks to the high energy efficiency, energy consumption drops immediately. The scroll compressors consist of two scrolls, one is fixed while the other orbits eccentrically around it. Designed for small and medium capacities, they ensure reliable and high-efficiency operation constantly throughout their service life.

Your advantages

Highest energy efficiency
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32
Low operating costs and longer service time
Reduced sound pressure level

Cooling unit COOLUNIT MKZ 100 D -
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