Cooling unit COOLUNIT MKZ 550 D

First air-cooled chiller on the market with scroll compressors and R-32.

Choosing a system with R-32 allows to reduce the environmental impact to 68% compared to systems with R-410A. Thanks to the high energy efficiency, energy consumption drops immediately. The fan speed modulation also ensures an accurate airflow regulation and an optimized condensation temperature. 
The overall power consumption of the chiller is minimized through the dynamic condensation pressure regulation, which allows the chiller controller to adjust the setpoint of the condensation pressure. One or two completely independent refrigerant circuits offer exceptional reliability.

Areas of application: industrial and comfort air conditioning, as well as process cooling.

Your advantages

Scroll compressor
Reduced sound level
R-32 refrigerant - high-performance and environmentally friendly
4-stage regulation of the cooling capacity
2 cooling circuits (redundancy)

Cooling unit COOLUNIT MKZ 550 D -
The solution for the following applications

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