Rent Mobile Steam Units

Our mobile steam and hot water units are the hight end products in our rental fleet. Special designs and safety precautions are required to manage the high temperatures and pressures. Specially trained technicians are pleased to advise you on your project. Whether process steam for industrial purposes, production or district heat – we can offer a suitable solution.

Steam Units

Steam Units

Steam Units

Our mobile fast steam generators are unique in the rental business. The compact design allows us to react flexibly to your requirements, all at very competitive costs. Completely equipped with boiler, burner, feed pumps, feedwater vessel and water treatment – we are ready to meet all your requirements. Connection is via special flexible hoses.

Steam containers

Steam containers

Steam containers

The steam container systems complete the top end of the range. We offer steam and hot-water solutions up to an output of 16,000 kg/h. These can be fuelled with either oil or gas, depending on your requirements. And, once again, all our systems are mobile and delivered ready to use. On-site commissioning is by our technicians.

How does a mobile steam unit work?

A mobile steam unit consists of several technical components and parts. Steam generating systems are equipped with modules for water treatment, hardness monitoring, water sample cooling and automatic dosage of chemicals. Other important components are boilers, burners, supply pumps and feed water containers.
First of all, raw water is treated so as to obtain feed water with a hardness of 0 °dH. Feed water is then heated in the feed water container and residual hardness is bound. The preheated feed water is transported as steam via flexible hoses into a quick steam generator. The steam flows out of the mobile steam unit through a steam dryer. At the extraction point, the steam can now be regulated accordingly via a pressure reducing station.

What are the costs for steam generation?

Should I buy or rent a steam generator? First of all, it depends on whether you buy or rent a steam generating system. In the first case, you first have to consider the entire costs for purchasing the system. In the other case, you pay a certain amount on a monthly basis, which includes maintenance, commissioning and heating oil management. If you buy a mobile steam unit, storage costs must also be taken into account. However, if you rent a steam generator, the system will only be at your premises when you really require it.
If, for example, it is certain that the steam unit will be in continuous operation for several years, the purchasing option may need to be considered. If you only need the steam unit at certain times of the year or in emergency situations, the rental option is probably more profitable.

Schnelldampferzeuger: Aufbau und Funktionsweise

Ein Schnelldampferzeuger folgt im Prinzip der Funktionsweise eines Wasserrohrkessels. Der große Vorteil ist, dass das Gerät bereits nach kurzer Zeit voll einsatzfähig ist und Dampf erzeugen kann. Die verschiedenen Komponenten eines Schnelldampferzeugers zählen einen Brenner, die Isolierung, Wasseraufbereitung sowie Sicherheitsventile, Abschlammventile und Entsalzungsventile. Die Steuerungstechnik befindet sich auf der Vorderseite des Dampfgenerators. Mit dieser modernen Technologie wird ein sicherer und zuverlässiger Anlagenbetrieb gewährleistet, da wichtige Kennzahlen wie Temperatur und Wasserdruck kontinuierlich überwacht werden.

Renting steam units

Here at HOTMOBIL you can easily rent your mobile steam unit. From mobile steam units on trailers to mobile and immediately read-to-operate steam containers - we make steam generation mobile. What are the reasons in favor of renting a mobile steam unit? On the one hand, you save high investment costs. You do not have to tie up your capital as collateral for purchasing a plant. This option also allows you to remain economically competitive and gives you the flexibility to rent according to your needs. Furthermore, you save storage and maintenance costs. A full list of the advantages offered by the rental can be found here.

In which industrial applications are steam generators used?

Mobile steam units or steam generators are used in all those applications where high temperatures are required for production processes. This includes the food and beverage industry, hospitals or laundries, canteen kitchens or certain industrial processes for heating a product. Steam units are also often used for sterilization.
Industrial steam generators are also required for so-called heat-consuming processes. These endothermic reactions are very common in the metal and chemical industry. Process steam is required for these processes. Sometimes it happens that process steam is no longer available leading to an emergency situation. In this case, mobile steam units represent a solution. They are delivered within a few hours and can be used immediately.

Individual building of steam generation systems

In the building of steam generating systems, we have specialized to meet all your needs. It is important to build systems that are optimally adapted to the local conditions and to you or the consumer. At HOTMOBIL, you will receive needs analyzes, profitability studies and feasibility tests from a single source.

Together with our own development and planning department, we will develop a customized solution for you, while having a positive impact on the economy and energy efficiency of your system. Thanks to our own specialized personnel, we are able to carry out all the works internally, so that the entire value chain necessary to build a mobile steam unit takes place in-house. The consistent use of high quality components and monitoring of all suppliers as part of our continuous improvement process ensure consistent quality and long operational safety of our systems.

Was ist ein Schnelldampferzeuger?

Schnelldampferzeuger kommen in vielen unterschiedlichen Bereichen und Branchen zum Einsatz. Schnelldampferzeuger werden eingesetzt, um thermische Energie in Form von Sattdampf für technische Prozesse verschiedenster Arten bereitzustellen. Grundsätzlich lässt sich sagen, dass Schnelldampferzeuger vor allem für kleinere Leistungsbereiche geeignet sind. Typische Einsatzfelder sind Wäschereien oder kleinere Lebensmittel- und Chemiebetriebe.


A solution for every situation. It is often the details that make a successful package out of a product or an associated service.

With our range of auxiliary equipment, you have the option of specifying our standard products according to your requirements and tailoring them specifically to your application. We can provide you with fault indicators, additional pumps, heat exchangers, air heaters, tank systems, mobile connection lines and further accessories. And on request, we will also organise a daily inspection of your rented unit.


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