HOTMOBIL – Your mobile energy partner

With our own planning, production and sales, as well as our pioneering spirit and innovative strength, we set new standards on the market. We specialise in the hire and sale of mobile heating, cooling and steam units and regard ourselves as the “service provider” in the industry. With our pioneering spirit and innovative strength, we have succeeded in redefining the idea of mobile energy.

Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH secures the trust of its customers and market partners with its tremendous reliability and flexibility and so guarantees economic and energy-saving solutions. 


Hotmobil is pleased to be an integral part of the ENERENT Group. This affiliation not only gives us and our customers access to an extensive, nationwide service network and state-of-the-art resources, but also enables us to offer mobile heating, cooling and steam solutions at the highest level. As part of the ENERENT Group, which is a subsidiary of Mainova AG, we focus on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Mainova AG is the leading energy service provider in Frankfurt am Main and an energy partner for private and corporate customers throughout Germany. Mainova supplies more than one million people with electricity, gas, heat and water and is a convincing, high-performance partner for complex large-scale projects, for the future-oriented expansion of cities and with custom-fit solutions for your own home.

The policy statement on respecting environmental concerns and human rights in the Mainova Group can be found in the Sustainability Management section of the Mainova website.

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Get to know our location in Gottmadingen

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What matters most to us!


We face the future in every respect, and always strive to maximize customer benefit in all we do. This is why we focus primarily on two key factors: cost-effectiveness and optimum energy efficiency. This is a principle which will not only safely guide HOTMOBIL through the next decades, but also our customers and partners.


Pioneering spirit and innovative strength have made Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH one of the market leaders in the European mobile energy supply sector. We are specialists in the rental, leasing and sale of mobile heating, cooling and steam supply units and enjoy the reputation of being the service experts in this sector. Whatever our customers wish for or need to have – HOTMOBIL will find the optimum solution for each individual case. We are available around the clock, even on weekends and public holidays. Regional subsidiaries (our Branch Offices), absolute reliability and a high level of flexibility are the foundation on which long-term and trusted partnerships are based.

We learn through action

  • Customers are our most important market partners. Customer satisfaction defines our actions as a company.
  • Good customer relations define one of our paramount objectives and, for us, constitute a never-ending challenge.
  • We endeavour to think our way to the best of our ability into each customer's situation and take customer wishes seriously. The customer should be convinced by the standard of our work.
  • Every customer should feel confident that they will receive professional and honest service from us.
  • Through reliability, professional and diligently executed work, we guarantee the highest possible standards of customer satisfaction.
  • We wish to be viewed by our customers as a dependable and fair partner in respect of reliability, deadline compliance, costs and quality.

Those who wish to often achieve more than those who can

  • We value and appreciate our employees very highly.
  • Their work and their committed attitude contribute greatly to the success of our company.
  • They should be motivated and their capabilities should be employed accordingly. At the same time, each employee should act as an ambassador for our company.
  • Through friendly and open behaviour vis a vis our market partners and their co-workers, our employees contribute towards a pleasant and unconstrained working environment.
  • Our employees display a high level of performance capability and good workplace morale. They think for themselves and act responsibly, showing business awareness.
  • We are a company run along a collegial set of guiding principles and our management style is collaborative, matter of fact and puts people first.
  • We work together - success being the outcome of teamwork.

Quality is an investment in the future

  • We endeavour to work to schedule, professionally and with an awareness of workplace safety, and we strive to provide our customers with a good price-to-performance ratio.
  • We wish to adapt our products through care and technical further development to reflect the changing market environment.
  • We use high-quality materials in the manufacture of our products, and carry out the work entrusted to us in a customer-focused and cost-effective manner.
  • Our reliable products should create the highest possible level of benefit.
  • It is the high quality of our products and services that shall assure our long-term success.
  • We do not wish to take any risk that could jeopardize the continued existence of our company activities.

Do what you believe in and what you feel, and you shall succeed in that endeavour!

  • We wish to carry and be fully aware of our responsibility towards society and of the business issues closest to the hearts of our customers.
  • Through our deeds and actions, we try to live in accordance with our guiding notion, and to derive satisfaction from performing our duties to a high standard and in the absence of continuous stress.

Success is the sum total of correct decisions

  • We believe in ourselves, in our products and in their market prospects.
  • We wish to grow in stature with our duties, in business as well as in personal terms. To accomplish this, we are willing to embrace change.
  • We act dynamically and work towards shared, quantifiable aims and objectives.

Integrity and Compliance

At Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH, we are 100% committed to dealing with our customers, business partners, colleagues, investors and competitors with fairness and honesty. In line with this commitment and as members of the Mainova group of companies, we are bound to approach all contractual and customer relations with absolute integrity.

All our employees comply with the laws that are in force and respect Hotmobil Deutschland's corporate rules and code of conduct. At Hotmobil Deutschland, we are committed to maintaining the very highest quality standards in every area of our business. Our work is based on conduct that is 100% ethical and responsible. We respect the environment and the rights of every individual, and we expect our suppliers to share this commitment. At Hotmobil Deutschland, we require all our suppliers to adhere to our code of conduct in all their activities.

In order to maintain these high standards, Hotmobil Deutschland expects its partners to draw attention to any concerns about whether an action or behaviour contravenes the guidelines on integrity and compliance contained in the Hotmobil Deutschland code of conduct.

If you would like to report an issue in this respect, please contact:

Quality and Eco Management

„Quality starts by making the customer's satisfaction the focus of all activity.“

John F. Akers

As one of the leading providers of mobile energy solutions in Europe, our efforts all focus on seeking to act at all times in a manner compatible with high standards of quality and environmental protection. The requirements and needs of our customers are the starting point for this. 

The highest quality and environmental standards at Hotmobil

With its pioneering spirit and innovative power, HOTMOBIL has been setting standards in this sector for more than 25 years, having been tested and certified by TÜV Süd to DIN EN ISO 9001 as early as 2009.


Customer-specific production by technical personnel takes place in our own factory in compliance with high safety and quality standards using only high-quality components from well-known manufacturers.

"We face the future in every respect, and always strive to maximize customer benefit in all we do. This is why we focus primarily on two key factors: maximum energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness". This is a principle which will not only safely guide Hotmobil through the next decades, but also our customers and partners.
Christian Noack, environmental management representative at Hotmobil

If you have any queries about our integrated management system, please contact:

Christian Noack

Head of Quality- and Eco Management

Phone: +49 7731 9460-175
Fax: +49 7731 9460-70175


30 years HOTMOBIL

HOTMOBIL was founded in 1994 as HOTMOBIL GbR in Bräunlingen and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024

New product: HOTMOBIL MHZ 200 FG

Mobile heating center with integrated liquid gas tank and condensing technology

Hotmobil is now part of ENERENT GmbH

Leading mobile energy companies under one roof

Relocation of the branch Gottmadingen

Since fall 2021, administration, production and service branch in Gottmadingen are under one roof.

Hotmobil expands its presence in Switzerland and Austria

Expansion of the site in Thayngen (CH) and opening of the branch in Neusiedl am See (AT)

New Management Duo

Bernd Becherer and Uwe Kettner manage Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH together

On a growth path

HOTMOBIL welcomes the 100th employee

Company anniversary

Hotmobil celebrates its 25th anniversary as a company

Relocation of the company headquarters

Hotmobil continues on its growth course: Equipment construction and administration are now located in a considerably larger facility.

New Management Duo

Rainer Notter and Bernd Becherer manage Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH together

Market entry in Switzerland

HOTMOBIL also offers its services in Switzerland

HOTBOY - the new generation

The HOTBOY, which has been successful for many years, is now available on the market with improved technology and even more operating convenience as a mobile electric heating unit.


Since May 2015, HOTMOBIL has also offered its services in France.


HOTMOBIL continues to expand its sales network within Europe and is present in Norway, Sweden and Poland with sales partners.

1st HM trend forum

On April 9, 2014, the new industry forum initiated by HOTMOBIL was held for the first time under the slogan "Serve & Earn". Two well-known speakers, Hans-Arno Kloep and Bernd Reutemann, gave presentations.

20 years HOTMOBIL

On the occasion of the celebration of the company's 20th anniversary, HOTMOBIL presented its extensive service portfolio at the ifh Intherm trade fair in Nuremberg with a newly designed exhibition stand.

2013 / 2014

HOTMOBIL is recognized for the second time in succession as top employer in the "Top Job" competition among companies

2013 - Hotliner MSH 280

High-efficiency heating of buildings with the new Hotliner from HOTMOBIL. The special unit for mobile heating of buildings utilizes water-based heating system technology.

since August 2013

HOTMOBIL has strengthened its presence in Eastern Europe with a branch office in Bratislava.


HOTMOBIL Deutschland GmbH convinces as a top employer above all through modern management.

Using a cartoon film, HOTMOBIL conveys the basic idea behind the rental business.


Certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 for the recently introduced environmental management system


The pin-up girl accompanies HOTMOBIL for 20 years and still remains a favorite.


Relocation to the modern office building Industrial Park 322. Relocation of the Gelsenkirchen branch office to Bochum

Hotbio MBC 100

The further development of the pelletsmobile is the pellets container MBC 100, the first unit on the market in this form.


Opening of the Leipzig branch office.

With the opening of the branch office in Leipzig, HOTMOBIL Deutschland has, as the first company in the sector, created its own countrywide branch office structure for rental of heating, cooling and steam units.

Mobile Cooling Units

Chilling, air-conditioning and ventilation. With a complete program from 4 to 1200 KW, HOTMOBIL offers a unique product portfolio.


Acquisition of HOTMOBIL Deutschland GmbH by Mainova EnergieDienste GmbH

Opening of the branch offices in Hanover, Frankfurt and Cologne

Eventmaster MSH 700

The Eventmaster MSH 700 is developed. The first specially developed heating unit for domestic hot water generation for shower tents at events.

HOTMOBIL expands its product range: Cold becomes mobile!


HOTMOBIL quality management: Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 as the first company in its sector

Pelletsmobil MBZ 70

The Pelletsmobil MBZ 70 is launched. The first mobile heating unit with regenerative energy, incl. storage.


World premier. HOTMOBIL builds the first mobile electric heating units from 9 to 36 kW. The indispensable tool for every plumber.


Opening of the branch office in Munich


Opening of the branch office in Pfedelbach / Heilbronn

Steammobil MDZ 600

The first mobile steam unit in a tandem trailer (MDZ 600) with an output of 600 kg/h


HOTMOBIL GbR is founded in Bräunlingen / Black Forest. With its pioneering spirit and its innovative creativity, HOTMOBIL sets the benchmark standards in this sector.

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