Monobloc air conditioner COOLMONO MRM 3

Mobile monobloc air conditi oners are flexible and can be installed in any kind of room, at the condition that there is a possibility to run the exhaust air pipe to the outside.

Monobloc air conditi oners ensure a comfortable
temperature in rooms up to 50 m². They are
operated by electricity and plugged into a 230 V
The temperature can be set between 17 °C and
30 °C.
The device off ers diff erent functi ons: cooling,
heati ng, dehumidifying and air circulati on.

Subject to technical changes - only for information

Your advantages

Cooling and heating in one device
Flexible use in rooms up to 50 m²
Simple handling
Compact design
Competitive acquisition price
Low maintenance requirement
Operating mode – 230 V socket
Quick and uncomplicated climate solution
Ready for immediate use
Exhaust air hose is included in the delivery

Monobloc air conditioner COOLMONO MRM 3 -
The solution for the following applications

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