Energy supply guarantee

Your protection from the risks of an energy failure

Are you looking for protection against a possible failure of your heat supply?
Then opt for the ENERPROTECT energy supply guarantee.

It works like an insurance policy: with just one policy, you protect yourself against the consequences of the failure of your stationary systems. In the event of a breakdown, you will receive a suitable mobile heating system, which will be delivered and put into operation by specialized service technicians within a contractually agreed response time.

The ENERPROTECT energy supply guarantee is an offer from ENERENT Service GmbH. As part of the ENERENT Group, it is a sister company of HOTMOBIL.


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Unlimited security

All benefits at a glance

  • Fast response time = maximum operational reliability
  • No investment costs in your own redundant systems
  • Cost and space savings through elimination of internal redundancy
  • Heating units available in all performance classes
  • A strong partner in an emergency

Fields of application

The ENERPROTEXT energy supply guarantee was developed especially for our customers who must offer maximum reliability of supply and cannot accept any downtime.

  • Operators of local and district heating networks
  • Public facilities such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes
  • Facility Management
  • Operators of public utility companies and communal facilities
  • Contracting Equipment
  • Industry and Trades
  • Energy Service Providers

How it works

It is based on a collective protection concept. The ENERPROTECT premiums paid by the individual guarantee holders finance an extensive pool of mobile heating units which are available immediately to each individual contractual partner in the event of a problem.

More about the procedure

Do you have questions about our mobile energy units?
We are always pleased to advise you.