Air-conditioning and Process cooling

Chilling, air-conditioning and ventilation. An increasingly relevant topic. Our comprehensive portfolio of mobile cooling offers you the best available. For example, mobile split air-conditioning units for cooling server rooms or replacement cold water for process cooling. Suitable accessories such as ventilation units, mobile pump units or plate heat exchangers round off the portfolio.




Mobile air-conditioning units are especially well suited to rapid, flexible deployment. The compact size of these appliances makes them simple to handle and quick and easy to set up.

What is rental refrigeration?

This concept refers to the rental of air conditioning units for the industrial and commercial sectors. These units are used in planned or unplanned situations (emergency, etc.). Mobile cooling systems are offered for both short and long-term rental. The range of services often ranges from mobile split air-conditioning units for cooling server rooms to mobile chillers for process cooling.

What are the advantages of renting mobile cooling systems?

Mobile cooling systems are often only used for a limited time. They are not in operation throughout the whole year. By renting a cooling system you have the possibility to remain economically competitive and to minimize risks. Your capital will not be tied up. For a defined period of time, you will get the highest technology and at the same time optimum performance with minimal energy consumption. Another advantage is that there are no maintenance costs. Storage costs are also eliminated. Your mobile air conditioners are only at your premises when they are in use. You have the possibility to plan the costs, while being sure to have the right technology for your needs.


Which product range does HOTMOBIL offer in the area of rental refrigeration?

Our product range of mobile cooling systems and accessories ranges from room air-conditioning units to a transportable cooling system. For the cooling of business and production spaces, we offer split air-conditioning units, which are already delivered ready to plug in. This enables quick and easy operation. Our mobile cooling systems (COOLUNIT MKZ) offer solutions for demanding industrial and process cooling applications. A powerful and immediately ready-to-operate chiller can be connected directly to your system by means of flexible hose lines.

Renting a cooling system: What costs should I expect?

The rental costs incurred depend on various factors. First of all, the rental costs are calculated based on the days in which the mobile cooling systems are in use. The kW power also plays a role here. Further costs are those for transport and commissioning. It is advisable to define in advance the duration of use, so that costs can be determined more precisely. More information is available here.

In which areas is rental refrigeration used?

Rental refrigeration is gaining in importance in more and more sectors. It is often used for cooling server rooms or for process cooling in combination with mobile chillers. Rental refrigeration is becoming increasingly important also for air conditioning at events. The cooling of tents or halls guarantees comfort for the guests and planning security for the organizer. In the industrial sector, rental refrigeration is particularly important if significant cold chains fail. Also in emergency situations, renting a cooling system represents a solution that can be quickly and easily implemented. This allows you, for example, to cover further demand peaks when your existing cooling systems are already used at their maximum capacity.



A solution for every situation. It is often the details that make a successful package out of a product or an associated service.

With our range of auxiliary equipment, you have the option of specifying our standard products according to your requirements and tailoring them specifically to your application. We can provide you with fault indicators, additional pumps, heat exchangers, air heaters, tank systems, mobile connection lines and further accessories. And on request, we will also organise a daily inspection of your rented unit.


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