Failure of process energy

Heating, refrigeration or vapour for production and for buildings

Heating for buildings and production facilities, cooling for air-conditioning and cooling or vapour for production processes: the provision of the required forms of energy must be assured dependably and right around the clock for industry and the trades sector. However, to set up redundant energy systems, you need to duplicate the provision of equipment which entails a high level of investment in additional plant technology.

Temporary energy supply without tying up capital

Mobile energy plants deliver the power required for temporary periods during maintenance or modification work – as stationary container-based plants for heating or vapour, and as cold water kits. This maintains flexibility in terms of your energy provision needs – in respect of the amount of power required, and it does so with modern, efficient technology, either to rent or to buy.

Your advantages

The costs for the temporary use of mobile energy can work out less expensive than the costs of premature modernisation. Mobile energy plants save you the expense of providing backup plants and the associated additional investment and maintenance costs. If your company needs a replacement for an existing stationary power generating facility, HOTMOBIL can plan and produce a suitable energy plant for you – for example a container-based heating, cooling or vapour plant. After all, who can tell if you will still be manufacturing at some future date where you are at the present time?

HOTMOBIL supplies you with mobile energy – quickly, flexibly and reliably

Fair processing


Costs are charged on a daily basis in accordance with the length of the application.

Top-quality advice


You can reach us anywhere in Germany at any time. You discuss your application with a single point of contact who then organizes the entire process for you from beginning to end. One call, one point of contact, one price.

Complete service


We deliver you a suitable mobile power plant together with all the necessary accessories, we organize the provision of fuel and our own specialist personnel commission the unit to get it up and running. Then we monitor and manage the operation of your rental plant.

Available right across Europa


Our stock of rental plant is based across our eleven locations in the DACH region, each manned by its own team of product specialists.

In service for you


Our references show you numerous applications for mobile heating plants, mobile refrigeration plants, mobile splitter units, mobile vapour plants, mobile electrical heating devices, mobile hot water plants, mobile ventilation units and mobile special-purpose heating plants for specialist applications.

Modern rental fleet


With more than 1,600 units in our rental fleet, we can supply our customers in a dependable manner with systems appropriate to their needs.