Digital remote monitoring

Full control on the move

With digital remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on the operating data of your energy system easily and conveniently via computer, tablet or smartphone at any time and from anywhere. All data is logged over the entire operating time of the heating system, thus ensuring transparency and security. 

Unlimited security

Your benefits

  • View at any time and from any place, conveniently via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Current operating data in real time, clear and comprehensible
  • Fast elimination of fault messages, if possible by digital remote control

This helps to avoid breakdowns - which saves time and money.

HOTVIEW - Digital remote monitoring for heating units

With the new generation of mobile heating units, you can keep an eye on all important operating data of the system:

  • Filling level in the fuel oil tank
  • Boiler temperature
  • Water pressure
  • Temperature in heating circuit flow and return
  • Domestic hot water temperature



COOLVIEW - Digital remote monitoring for chilling units

With the remote monitoring tool COOLVIEW for COOLUNIT chilling units from 100 kW upwards, the most important operating data can be called up: 

  • Inlet and outlet water temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Current setpoint
  • Control of operating status
  • Possibly fault messages



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