Air-conditioning guaranteed as success factor for shopping

Hotmobil compenstes failure of the air-conditioning equipment at "Media-Markt Berlin-Wedding" overnight.

If the air-conditioning fails in an electronics supermarket for TV, Hi-Fi and electrical equipment, then temperatures soon reach unpleasant levels in the sales rooms. The Media-Markt in Berlin-Wedding was faced with this problem at the beginning of August. Managing Director, Thomas Jaschinski, had to find a practical solution quickly to air-condition room temperatures until the repairs were finished: "A good climate is essential, both for customer satisfaction as well as for our 60 employees. Studies have shown that the optimal room temperature for business premises is 19 degrees Celsius. The supermarket is frequented by roughly 2000 customers daily. There was no way we could expect our customers to accept a possible increase in temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius due to the failure of the air-conditioning system", said the managing director. Solid advice was provided by an event manager who had hired a mobile unit from Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH during the winter to provide a pleasant warm atmosphere. He knew that the Gottmadingen-based specialist for mobile energy centers also included cooling units in his portfolio. He also had a very positive recollection that this service provider was not only quick but also fair and precise in his daily billing.

Contact was established immediately and Hotmobil employed its proven "Emergency scenario": Hotmobil field service operative Marijan Krajinovic traveled straight to Berlin-Wedding, took a look at the job and proposed a definitive course of action to Thomas Jaschinski. Following a discussion, he organized six air conditioning split units which he arranged to have transported to Berlin overnight, and positioned these at various locations around the supermarket premises. Installation commenced in the morning at 7 a.m. and was completed by 9 a.m. When the first customers arrived at 10 a.m., the units were already operational. Via an external fan, and some discretely routed hoses, chilled fresh air was routed into the retail areas.

"The customers did not even notice that our own air-conditioning system had failed. Thanks to Hotmobil, the temperature in the sales rooms was approximately 8 degrees Celsius lower than outside on this hot day", stated a happy Thomas Jaschinski. Not only did he praise the unbureaucratic contact to Hotmobil, but also the competence of the contact partners as well as the speed with which the problem was solved. He was even more than satisfied with the price/performance ratio: "We concluded a rental contract for one week, including delivery and return shipment of the units, at fair conditions." Uninterrupted operation and the pleasant climate did not affect the working conditions of the sales staff negatively, nor did they have an adverse effect on the feel-good factor of the customers. Sales continued as always and there was no slump in business.