Comfortable temperature for the exotic inhabitants of SEA LIFE Konstanz

Since 05.09.2022, SEA LIFE Konstanz was closed for renovation work. The popular aquarium at Lake Constance with over 100 different species, in 30 fascinating tanks and over 3,000 m² of space, underwent an extensive general renovation 23 years after its opening. Hotmobil Deutschland was able to support the heating of the large ocean basin with a mobile heating center before the reopening.

Mobile heating center for pool heating in SEA LIFE
In order to be able to carry out the extensive renovation work in SEA LIFE Konstanz, the large and small animal inhabitants of the aquarium moved to other aquariums for the duration of the renovation. After completion of the construction work, they were to be returned to their accustomed environment. For this purpose, the optimal conditions for the animals had to be created. Hotmobil Deutschland - the rental specialist of mobile energy centers for heat, cold and steam - was asked to support SEA LIFE in heating the large ocean basin with a mobile heating center. The ideal water temperature for the reintroduction of the sharks was to be achieved. 

Delivery of a special kind
Hotmobil Deutschland delivered a mobile heating unit with an output of 350 kW to SEA LIFE Konstanz. In order to bring it as close as possible to the building, a parking space was planned on a terrace next to SEA LIFE. The terrace is located in the middle of a water biotope, so that the heating station could not simply be moved to its intended location. In order to overcome the moat, a crane had to be used to lift the heating trailer high into the air in order to put it back in its intended place on the terrace. The ocean pool is located on the upper floor of the building. In order to be able to reach the pool, more than 60 m of connecting pipes were laid for the supply line. The hose for the return was already connected to the pump installed on site. This measure was intended to heat the water in the basin to a temperature of 25 °C. For this purpose, the cold water from the pool was pumped via the cold water inlet into the heat exchanger of the central heating system, where it was heated up and then returned to the pool by means of a hot water line. 

An order with an all-round care package
After about five days, the desired temperature was reached in the approx. 320,000 liter tank and sharks, fish & co. could move back into their aquarium. Hotmobil supplied SEA LIFE Konstanz with a complete package including fuel management and the Hotview remote monitoring system, ensuring smooth operations for the customer. 

David Garcia, curator of SEA LIFE Konstanz tells: "We booked an all-round carefree package with Hotmobil and this is what was delivered to us. The mobile heating unit worked great and heated the water in the ocean pool to the desired temperature in quite a short time, which our stationary heater would not have been able to do so quickly. We were very happy when our animals, which are the heart of our aquarium, could finally return."

On June 14, 2023, the grand reopening of SEA LIFE Konstanz took place after a nine-month construction phase.