Cold shower? Must not be!

Emergency deployment of a 500 kW heating unit for facility company Strabag PFS in Munich.

Total failure of the hot water supply resulting from a crack in the boiler! To bridge the need for a continuous supply of hot water, HOTMOBIL supplied a heating unit with a power rating of 500 kW to Munich. Shortly before six a.m. and after a seriously impressive effort, the job was done – the supply of hot water was assured again until the job of replacing the defective heating unit was completed. In recognition of this outstanding service, Dirk Wollenweber, Director of Team Facility Services at Strabag PFS, was fulsome in his praise: „With the extraordinary support of Hotmobil we have succeeded in averting even greater damage. With immediate effect, Hotmobil Deutschland is now one of our top partners. Not just in Munich, but at all Strabag sites. You see, when it comes to emergency deployments of this kind, all of my colleagues are informed in detail to enable them to be as well equipped as they possibly can be in the event of similar situations affecting them“