Mobile energy ensures biogas production

Hotmobil is the nationwide specialist for the rental of mobile thermal, cooling and steam centers with its own planning and manufacturing. The company, which operates nationwide from ten subsidiaries with 70 employees and a machine pool of over 800 units of varying supply outputs, regularly includes operators of biogas plants among its customers. These regulate the fermentation process temperatures with mobile energy.


The mobile heating centers support the start-up of biogas plants, as no biogas is available for heating purposes during the initial phase. To bridge this period, the plant operator needs to recourse to other fuels such as heating oil, biodiesel or liquid gas. The traditional, but also more expensive, solution is to arrange for a temporary tank installation and motor conversion. A solution requiring less effort, is the mentioned use of mobile heating centers. These are connected directly to the cycle of the fermentation vessel for the period of the heating-up phase. The consequence: fast deployment, no technical conversion, lower costs. Not only that but, during subsequent start-ups after maintenance work, the biogas plant can again be powered up much faster.

In addition, mobile energy centers are also use to provide heat and energy during running operations. For example, to cover peak loads in power consumption. As the process temperature is always a crucial factor in the production of biogas, it may prove necessary to introduce additional heat during cold ambient temperatures. In summer, there may even be a need for cooling to ensure that the optimum temperature range is not exceeded. In such cases, Hotmobil is also present with mobile cooling centers. All units can be hired with precise daily billing. As an alternative, the specialist also manufactures and sells units to customer specifications.