Mobile energy units ensure optimal test conditions

In the development and production of isolators for pharmaceutical systems, the requirements are particularly high. METALL+PLASTIC GmbH is a world leader in this field and has been using mobile heating and cooling units from the rental specialist Hotmobil for years for the commissioning of the highly complex systems.

For more than 60 years, METALL+PLASTIC GmbH has been developing and building insulation and containment technology for the pharmaceutical industry with its currently over 120 employees. These systems are designed and manufactured individually according to the requirements of the customers. Production times of several years, from planning to commissioning, are not uncommon. 
During the test runs and commissioning of the systems, the mobile heating and cooling units from the rental specialist Hotmobil are used to support the stationary ventilation system. They ensure constant temperatures in the systems and allow for them to be tested under real conditions. Especially when filling medicines, it is extremely important to guarantee constant temperatures and humidity - this is the only way to maintain the effectiveness of the tablets' ingredients. These high requirements also exist in other areas of clean room technology.
The supply of heating and cooling from mobile systems in a single order is rather the exception in the rental industry. If even several rental units with a total output of more than 1,000 kW are used for several months, the project can rightly be described as unique. Udo Traub, field service operative at Hotmobil: "With this order, Hotmobil proves its wide-ranging competence. During an on-site appointment, we defined the requirements together with the production manager Nicolas Lützenberger and checked the local conditions. Our own service technicians delivered the systems and put them into operation." 
A 950 kW mobile heating unit and a separate tank connected to it with a capacity of 5,000 liters were installed outside the production hall for several months. The heat was conducted into the hall via mobile connecting hoses. The service provider Hotmobil also took care of the timely refilling of the tank system. This service that Hotmobil offers to its customers is called heating oil management. The tanks are all equipped with level gauges that notify the Hotmobil service technicians when it is time for a refill. The same applies to other fault messages of the systems. Also for these cases, Hotmobil offers its customers support around the clock, 365 days a year. 
"Our customers appreciate our 25-year experience, consistent service orientation, promptness and special efficiency thanks to our 'everything from one source' principle. The combination of all this makes us the ideal problem solver," says Udo Traub, underscoring the high priority that Hotmobil accords to service. 
Furthermore, METALL+PLASTIC GmbH rented a mobile cooling unit with an output of 20 kW for three months. It was installed directly in the production hall and supported the stationary air conditioning system, whose cooling output was temporarily insufficient. 
The Hotboy mobile electrical heating units are particularly flexible in use. With an output of up to 36 kW, they are connected directly to the systems at certain points during the test runs. The electrical heating units are compact and easy to handle. The unit is fitted on a mobile transport frame that allows it to be moved and operated by only one person. Since no exhaust gases are emitted, the unit can also be operated directly in the building.
"We are highly satisfied with the cooperation and service of Hotmobil. We particularly appreciate their reliability and fast reaction in case of technical faults", says Nicolas Lützenberger, production manager of METALL+PLASTIC GmbH, regarding the service of Hotmobil. 

A pioneer in the sector
Ever since Hotmobil was founded as a company back in 1994, the emblem of this energy service provider has been this picture of a mobile heating unit in a vehicle trailer. Hotmobil can proudly view itself as a pioneer in the sector, since it was one of the first companies that had the idea to build a heating unit in a trailer 25 years ago. Since then, Hotmobil has set industry benchmarks in the renting and sale of mobile energy units.