Mobile heating unit serves as temporary heat supply solution after a fire

Fire in the butcher shop Brüning near Selm

In the late Monday afternoon of 11 November 2019, a major fire broke out in the butcher shop Brüning in Selm due to a technical defect. Thanks to the prompt intervention of the local fire department, the fire could be quickly extinguished. However, since then, the heat supply for the adjacent buildings had been interrupted. The problem was solved within a few days: Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy units, provided a mobile heating unit at the end of the week that ensured the heat supply for the living and working areas as well as the festival hall.

The butcher shop Brüning has been successfully operating for over 40 years as a family business on the outskirts of Selm in a very idyllic landscape protection area. A second source of income, in addition to the butchery business, is the rental of two festival halls for events and celebrations with up to 270 people including party and catering service.

"We were very glad to get quick help from Hotmobil. Thanks to the temporary supply from a mobile heating unit, we can continue our business without long interruptions. This is particularly important for the events planned in our party barn and fortunately we don't have to turn down any of our customers", says Bernd Brüning, owner and managing director of the butcher shop Brüning.

When he searched the Internet for a suitable temporary solution for the completely destroyed heating system, he found the convincing offer of the rental specialist Hotmobil. One call to the customer service team was enough and, already at the end of the week, the service technicians of the Hotmobil branch in Bochum delivered a 350 kW heating unit in a trailer. A heating oil tank with a capacity of 1,500 liters is integrated in the system. The Hotmobil service technicians took also care of the connection and commissioning of the mobile heating system. The heating oil tank is equipped with a tank gauge that monitors the filling level and thus ensures that the tank will be refilled on time.

The temporary supply from a mobile heating unit is currently planned until the end of March 2020 in order to ensure sufficient time for the repair of the heating system. "With this task, we were able to prove our strength: the fast and reliable help in case of emergencies," explains Markus Kamyk, service technician responsible for delivery and commissioning at Hotmobil. "We have a lot of experience with such unpredictable emergencies and know how important it is for our customers to get quick help in such a situation - especially when it comes to maintaining ongoing business operations."