Mobile heating unit serves as temporary heat supply solution during renovation of the heating system

During the scheduled renovation of the heating system in the Gasthaus Löwen in Schaffhausen, a mobile heating unit supplied by Hotmobil, the rental specialist for mobile energy, served as temporary supply solution of heat and hot water. 

The local HVAC company DK Haustechnik has been entrusted with the renovation and modernization of the outdated heating system in the Gasthaus Löwen in Schaffhausen. It was evident already in the planning stage that the use of a mobile heating unit was required during the renovation work to ensure the supply of heat and hot water in the building. This was very important since the replacement of the heating system took place in the month of March, a season in which it is nearly impossible to do without heated rooms and hot water. 

Dalibor Krznaric, owner of the company DK Haustechnik entrusted with the work, had already had good experience with the use of mobile heating units and planned and prepared the job together with Richelene Frey, who is responsible at Hotmobil for the sales and distribution in Switzerland. Thus a mobile heating unit in a trailer with an output of 150 kilowatts and an integrated heating oil tank was used. 
The unit was delivered at the beginning of the refurbishment work by the Hotmobil service technicians of the Swiss subsidiary in Thayngen and was connected with hoses for supply and return to the heating circuit in the building. A silencer fitted to the flue system of the mobile heating unit reduced the noise emission significantly. All run smoothly hand in hand so that the residents were not restricted during the two weeks of renovation and the new heating system could be put into operation at the agreed date. 

During the entire period of operation, the operating data of the mobile heating unit could be easily and conveniently monitored digitally via computer or smartphone. This data includes parameters such as the heating oil level in the tank, the boiler temperature, the water pressure, the heating circuit supply and return temperature and the domestic hot water temperature. This made it much easier for those responsible to monitor the system. Any faults could thus be detected and eliminated in a timely manner. All operational and safety-relevant system data was logged over the entire service duration of the heating unit, thus ensuring even greater safety and transparency.

”We are again very satisfied with the good cooperation with the whole Hotmobil team. Everything run on-schedule and without problems so that our customer was not cold and did not have to do without a hot shower while the heating system was being refurbished”, said Dalibor Krznaric about the job.

With its pioneering spirit and innovative strength, Hotmobil has been setting benchmarks in the renting of mobile energy units for over 26 years. The company secures the trust of its customers and market partners with many years of experience and a modern rental park. A high degree of reliability and an exceptional commitment to the concept of service guarantee the rapid and competent use on site.