Transitional solution already taken into account during planning

During several weeks of renovation work in an apartment building owned by Noris Wohnungsgesellschaft in Nuremberg, a mobile heating system took over the hot water supply. This meant that the renovation of the old system was not even noticeable for the residents of the 32 parties. This was made possible by the foresighted planning of the engineering firm, which already took into account the use of a temporary solution during the bidding process. When it came to choosing a mobile heating system, Brochier, the company commissioned to carry out the project, opted for Hotmobil. The company of the Nuremberg-based Brochier Group had already worked successfully with the leading rental company of mobile heating systems on several occasions.

In many residential complexes, the heating technology is outdated and no longer efficient by today's standards. Andreas Lücke, Managing Director of the German House, Energy and Environmental Technology Industry Association (BDH), says that only around 25 percent of the 20 million heating systems installed in Germany are state of the art. Modern heating technology instead of outdated systems saves energy and consequently leads to a lower financial burden for residents in terms of ancillary rental costs. Noris Wohnungsgesellschaft in Nuremberg wanted to grant these advantages to its 32 tenants in the building complex at "Hinteren Marktstraße 34". For this reason, it commissioned the independent engineering firm Koppe, which specializes in the field of technical building equipment, with the planning and tendering of the renovation measure. This included the replacement of the old district heating system with a concept consisting of small plate heat exchangers, energy-saving pumps, mixed heating circuits and a fresh water system. 

Forward-thinking planning

To maintain domestic hot water during the installation measures in summer 2014, Ingenieurbüro Koppe planned to include the use of a mobile heating system. After a classic tendering process, the contract for execution went to Brochier Energie- und Anlagentechnik GmbH, also based in Nuremberg. With 400 employees, the full-service provider for all aspects of modern building technology is one of the largest traditional companies in the HVAC trade in southern Germany. "Tasks of this type and magnitude are part of our everyday business," reports heating engineer Ralf Winter, who was responsible for the construction site in the "Hintere Marktstraße" as project manager. When choosing a supplier for mobile central heating systems, he relied on his previous positive experience. He and his colleagues at Brochier had gathered this with Hotmobil, the leading rental company in Germany. "We had already used the 150 kW system required in this case several times. In this refurbishment project, too, it reliably did its job after being delivered to the site and connected by Hotmobil service technicians. During the installation measure, the residents experienced no restrictions whatsoever, which greatly reassured the housing association responsible," Ralf Winter explains further." 

Standardized tender texts

Many details have to be thought of during planning and tendering measures. To minimize the risk of errors and simplify the work, many companies use standardized tender texts and specifications. At, interested parties can find Hotmobil's templates for renting mobile energy centers in the areas of heating, cooling and steam. This means that even urgent inquiries can be answered quickly."